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Blog House Keeping


As I mentioned in a previous blog one of the tasks I have set for myself is to go through the blog and tidy up a few things, mainly missing items and half finished lists.

This will be an ongoing process, I know there are a few posts that I should go back and edit, correct a few typos and in some cases add punctuation to allow readers to breathe while reading.  This will of course be long process, therefore I think that I may very well do a post such as this at the start of each month to allow anyone interested to catch up on the changes and updates.

The most obvious updates for this month are the addition of the monthly round ups for February, March, April.  The addition of the full length An old Friend Revisited and the completion of this years A to Z list.

I also want to pull together all the poetry and flash fictions to see what I have and possibly work on some of the requests for more I have had for some stories.  In some ways I realise that I am useless at flash fiction in that the stories are very rarely self contained and complete judging by how many people request I add more to them but I do find them really good as testers for story ideas and a couple have already been worked on and expanded as part of Voices.

I am also in the process of sorting out my desk and the huge stack of notebooks that live there.  I have a horrible tendency to start a notebook scribble in it for a few pages then get a new one and write in that but I am now trying to ensure that every collection or stand alone book has its own notebook for research, notes etc.

Right I shall now go carry on with the organising and writing.

2 thoughts on “Blog House Keeping

  1. Soting through requests for more on the A-Z flash fiction should keep you out f trouble for a long time Paula.Most had something going for them. 26 more novels en-route perhaps?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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