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Hello there, today I thought I would just fit in a quick catch up post before hopefully getting back on track with everything tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday as it is a Bank Holiday here tomorrow).  If you look in the sidebar under the link for my photo blog you can see a new widget thing, this one links to the app I am using to calorie count and now I have fixed the reliable scales I shall update my weight loss weekly so you can all keep track (if you are interested of course).

The belly dancing is going great and I am really enjoying it, I am still not posting a picture or video of me doing it but I have found this… this is my lovely teacher Debra, front right with the red belt, my gorgeous hairdresser Nikki (front centre) who persuaded me to give it a go and they are performing the dance I am actually learning at the minute so you never know one day you might get to see me perform it if you are really really unlucky.

I recently reconciled with the Other Half (also known as monsters dad) and so I am trying to find the balance once more where every aspect of my life is balanced, as I sit writing now they are out at his grandma’s and I will shortly go stick Sunday dinner in the oven, finding a balance is hard especially on weekends but possible I think I just need to actually use all these Apps I have on the computer to manage time more effectively, as I type the clock allotting thirty minutes to write this post is ticking down and I realise that was because I spent ten minutes on You-tube finding the video clip above.

Deciding to take a chance on a relationship or on a job for that matter is difficult, we all know all the things that can go wrong, we have been there, bought T-shirts and in some cases outfitted an entire wardrobe but it is always better to try than spend your life wondering what if.

I will be updating some aspects of the blog in the coming weeks, filling in missing round up pages etc, so please bear with me and also please check out the caption competition on my FB page, I think the majority of the votes were for an Amazon gift voucher as a prize so go check it out all you have to do is answer in the comments and give this picture I took a caption or a title..


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