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A to Z Challenge 2014 – Q is for Quest


Q  I am playing blog catch up as I missed a couple of posts this week so the second post for today is the Q entry.  I  decided to pick the word quaint then use Google images and pick one to write a Flash Fiction based upon it.

So here is the image and the story/scene to go with it…


He paused and looked at the open archway ahead.  This was too easy.  He had been told that this quest would be challenging but so far he had not met with any real obstacle.  He pulled out the parchment once more upon which his instructions were written. If the crudely drawn map were correct the treasure lay in ruins just a few hundred metres beyond that opening.

So far he had encountered everything exactly as laid out in the scroll, he had followed every step as instructed, he read the next line again before rolling it back up and securing it inside his shirt. Climb over the wall it said obviously there had been a gate when this instructions were written…

The gods looked down and laughed, the goddess Isis threw down her dice in annoyance, “One day, one of them will actually just do as they are told!”

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2014 – Q is for Quest

  1. You do have a tricky little mind don’t you Paula….only, should it have been ‘there had NOT been a gate when the instructions….
    I hope you’eve had a fantastic day today and you’re not working tomorrow.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. I must have not made it obvious enough the idea was he met a sticky ending by walking through the empty arch rather than following the instructions and climbing over the wall, ah well can’t win them all.

      Hopefully tomorrow we might be going to the fair although if we do my diet may fail due to the temptation of Candy Floss. 😀


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