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A to Z Challenge 2014 – P is for Poetry


P I don’t often repost my own stuff but I got behind by a day with this challenge and as it is poetry and I love this poem I wrote I decided to repost this one.

It also fits really well with the O post which I know so many of you really seemed to enjoy.

I would love to know what your favourite poems are either by famous poets or provide a link to your own poem.




The Goddess lies and waits in

Each and every living woman.

As she walks through wind and gale

She does not bow her head.

She looks forever forward

Never dwelling in the past

Facing every challenge

As it crosses in her path.

In young and old alike

She patiently bides her time.

The choice of God irrespective

 Her own strength she bestows.

Subserviant to no one

Her worth she full well knows.

Through her many struggles

She gains empathy and strength.

She loves without condition

She is loyalty beyond words.

She shares herself without

A second thought or pause.

And once she gains her freedom

From her slumber deep inside.

The Goddess can be seen

By those that recognise

The dignity, love and grace

That embodies womankind.

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