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A to Z Challenge 2014 – L is for Libraries


L Apologies this is out of order but I made a mistake in my scheduling….

What else could it be but libraries, I have to confess I do not use my library as much as I used to when I was growing up, partly due to the fact it can take me ages to read a book these days as I am so busy but also I do find that our library in Huddersfield tends to be a little stuck in a rut in terms of the books they get.

So I decided to just share a few images from Google of my dream libraries…2771325495_3c7df0fe00_z-565x369 Libraries-university-club-library-p-peter-bond-twisted-sifter strahov-theological-hall-prague tumblr_l8dm5xBFFY1qb6609



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