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A to Z Challenge 2014 – G is for Glossybox, March 2014 Review


G  Despite the A to Z challenge there are certain posts I wanted to retain and fit in so it made sense to fit them in on the appropriate day so here we are with G and the review of last months Glossybox.


I was rather pleased when I opened this months box as it seemed to be the perfect mix, there was make up, perfume, skin, and hair products so it was a good mix and I was really looking forward to exploring the box more.

So let the investigating begin…


Juicy Couture Malibu Collection

There are two different perfume samples Couture La La and the straight Malibu fragrance and I have to say I much preferred the La La one, both are quite strong fragrances designed no doubt for nights out clubbing rather than every day wear.  A mix of fruit and floral fragrances I thought they were okay but at £47 for a 75ml bottle there are other fragrances out there I would rather spend my money on.

Next up…


Mitchell and Peach Body Cream

This is the first time I have had a product which has really left me gutted that realistically it is out of my price range at the minute.  The smell of English Flowers is delightful and it really does leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth.  It is full of natural ingredients and essential oils and the 40ml tube I received is still fairly full as it does spread quite well but at £36 for a full size 180ml tub it is quite expensive especially if you have a fuller figure and therefore require more.  I will say however that as I lose weight I may very well come back to this at a later date.

Next up…


Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot

First my usual gripe about these samples, ermmm excuse me some of us have long hair, this did about half my hair!  This was not actually a sample but the full size 15ml shot, so realistically if I wanted to use it I would need to use at least two to cover my hair properly at £1.49 each while it would not be costly it would still be nice if there was a long hair option when buying products such as these.  It did actually work quite well leaving my hair soft and silky although a little fluffy, the only draw back was unless I did my bobble really tightly it slid out.  I would buy it again occasionally but as I say would be lovely if they did these in two sizes, one for long and one for short hair.

Next up…


Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer Powders

I received this in a shade called Cocoa and first off I must apologise for lack of photos but it was actually quite hard to take a selfie which caught the actually make up well enough to show it off but I did manage a swatch shot so you get a better idea of the colour…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would have described this more of a bronze than a Cocoa but never the less let us continue.  This product claims to be good for multiple uses and I will get to that shortly but lets begin with it as an eye shadow, you really need to use this over either a cream eye shadow or a primer to really get the full impact from it, and a good brush is a must otherwise it ends up everywhere.  On the plus side it does suggest it can also be used as a blush, a bronzer, mixed in with a gloss as a lipstick or even in nail varnish (though personally am not convinced by that last claim).  It certainly would do the job as a bronzer and if applied very carefully a blusher but possibly given the shade caution should be used before trying, I certainly would not give it a go while getting ready to go out unless I had time to remove all my make up and start again.  As for mixing to make a lipstick I did give that a go but it did leave my lips feeling a little dry so not something I am likely to try again.  I received the full size 2.35g pot worth £12.99 I have heard a lot about using these mineral make ups and possibly different shades would have different levels of flexibility of use, I would consider buying another colour to try I do think for most people these would last a while so worth the investment.

And finally…


Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish

I received the Chocolate Kiss version and I know a few people that received it were not so happy but I quite liked it.  First thing you notice when you open it is the smell, think melted milk chocolate and you have it in a nutshell.  I applied it with a fingertip but it would be better with a lip brush (I can’t find mine so need to buy a new one lol) it gives nice coverage and a nice sheen to the lips without being gloopy, it lasts okay as long as you resist the urge to lick your lips and do not eat or drink but as it only costs £4.49 for this full size 10ml tub having to reapply is not a huge issue.  My main issue will be keeping hold of this as I fully expect my daughter to steal it the first chance she gets.

Overall I was really pleased with the selection I received this month and my next box should be here soon!

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2014 – G is for Glossybox, March 2014 Review

  1. Ahh you integrated the Glossybox into your challenge, clever. 😀 I’ve been wanting to get a pout paint, they had a pinkie nude one that seemed nice, do they emphasize the unevenness around your lips though? I’ve been messing around with my cream concealer as a lippie but getting that one onto the ladystache is not a treat.


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