A - Z Challenge 2014

A to Z Challenge 2014 – B is for Belly Dancing


B  Belly dancing?  I can imagine the perplexed looks crossing your faces trying to work out the connection between a writing blog and wiggling about.

Well the truth is from next week yours truly is going to be giving the belly dancing a go!

As you all know I am determined to lose weight and get fitter however with my back I need to build up slowly and avoid diving in with high impact work outs.  A friend of mine has been trying to persuade me to go along and give the belly dancing a go for a while now and after a brief attempt at Zumba on the Wii I decided I had nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain.

I love dancing but at the minute I just can’t take the strain of a vigorous Zumba work out, belly dancing will be gentler and put less strain on my joints until I get some more weight off and more importantly should be great fun to do.

Now obviously I will do everything I can to avoid any evidence of me shaking anything until only the bits I want to wobble do.  I will live in hope of ending up being able to move like one of the most famous hip shakers out there once again.


Although I fear I will look more like Ellen


What unconventional forms of exercise have you considered?


7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2014 – B is for Belly Dancing

  1. I’m sure you’ll be a natural and will soon have video here to show us the new sylph-like you. We expect to see it for free before you start selling millions of copies of the
    DVD to your worldwide fans.
    xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx


  2. I think belly dancing would be an excellent thing to try out. Exercise can be such a boring thing, you got to find something fun to do to keep you motivated to keep on going!


  3. I did belly dancing for two years and loved it! I can see you doing a bit of a hip shimmy, we were all given curves for a reason!


  4. When the earth day festival takes place here in town there’s always a booth of belly-dancing women, just regular women – nothing the least bit anorexic – demonstrating so others will take lessons. Looks like a good time.


  5. Good article. I’ve tried climbing the stair at my office building (28 floor down and up). I try to do that two-three times a week.


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