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A To Z Challenge 2014


It is the first of April and today I am writing my introduction to this years challenge, it is also the two year anniversary of me starting this blog here on WordPress.

Like last year I have created a page you can find under the Challenges tab where you can track all the posts in one place, and if you feel inclined to join in the now legendary challenge set forward by Arlee Bird at Tossing it out click here to find out more.  The plus side is of course April has more days than the alphabet so even if you start a day or two late you can quickly catch up.

Anything and everything could happen over the next month but only when the letters collide.

Tomorrow we begin with A and I have to decide on a theme….


Arlee Bird: Tossing it Out
Arlee Bird: Tossing it Out
Arlee Bird: Tossing it Out

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