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Glossybox Monthly Review – February 2014


The first thing you will obviously notice is the really cool box for this month, I have to be honest the box is as big a thrill as the contents are, and as they are really useful for trying to keep the desk tidy then having lots of different boxes is great for finding what you are looking for quicker.  But enough of that lets peak inside…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy dance that we are back to a mix of make up and other products this month rather than just more skin care, so time to delve in and take a closer look…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiovanni Eco Chic cosmetics Chic ultra-moist range or Chic ultra-sleek range

I thought I would get the less exciting products over first, so we start off with three samples, one shampoo, one conditioner, and one hair mask.  And one complaint! Well actually two, first I don’t think it is possible to really try a shampoo, conditioner or any other hair product and judge the results on one wash, I think it would take two or three treatments at the very least to see real results so these types of samples are not very practical, which leads me to my second whinge. I have long hair, in fact my hair is now almost half way down my back again, these types of sachet sample do not contain enough of any of the products to really cover my hair properly and this was especially noticeable with the hair mask.  I have to say the products as I could test them were okay but nothing special, I received the ultra-moist range but could not honestly say I could notice a difference after.  They did not provide a price for the treatment but the shampoo and conditioner retail at £7.99 each for 251ml and I have to say I am not inclined to spend that on them.

Next up…


Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer

It looks cool and smells lovely but I am really at a loss for what this is supposed to achieve it says it will leave your body luxuriously perfumed, which it does though quite subtly, and that you will have a hint of sparkle, well…nope no sparkling going on.  It is quite runny and watery when applying which does mean it spreads nicely but try as I might I cannot find any trace of a shimmer or sparkle.  I received a 100ml bottle but it would cost £14 for a full size 250ml bottle, will I be buying it, sadly no, it reminds me a lot of the sort of thing you get from supermarkets for young girls who want to pretend to be grown up.

So disappointed by the first couple of items we take a break with out bonus Valentines gift…


Lindt Lindor Treat Bar

I don’t need to say anything the next picture speaks for itself..


Totally scrummy, melt in the mouth deliciousness, £0.79 in supermarkets and well worth it.

So back to normal service…


Claite London Paint Pot in Red Hot Chilli

First the bottle, I love it! I love the cute little bow but also the bottle is curve like a hip flask making it perfect for holding onto while painting your nails.  The actual polish is slightly runny and does have a very strong polish smell, I do love the colour though but it needs two coats.  I was a little unsure what I thought about this polish as it seemed to come off very quickly, it peeled off rather like PVA glue when you get it on your hands.  I think though to be fair it may just have been how quickly I had to put my hands in water because the paint I put on my toe nails lasted quite a while longer before chipping.  I received a full size 13.5ml bottle which retails at £9 I think I need to try it a few more times before I decide whether I would buy it but I will happily try more samples.

Next up…


First a should state that the colour is actually a like more pink in real life than it shows up on the picture, on application it is almost cerise.  This crayon goes on really nicely, it has a slick feeling but without the stickiness of gloss.  It stays on really well until you eat or drink after which you will need to reapply it.  It would be perfect if you want to put a big kiss on someone and leave your mark lol.  I actually really do like this and you can apply one or two coats depending on the colour intensity you desire. The only negative I would point out would be that the top is a little loose and falls off quite easily, a click on top would be better.  I received the full size 4g crayon worth £5 and I have to say I would consider buying it or other shades again. You can see the colour better in this picture.


Final item this month…


Maybelline Big Eyes Volume Express Mascara

I have to confess once more I have mixed feelings for this product, firstly on the ethical questions discussed on a previous blog post but also on the product itself.  I like the idea of the dual brush and having one just for bottom lashes…


My problem is as you can see from the fact I used to keyboard to show scale the brushes are incredibly short, this does mean it is less manoeuvrable and more awkward to use.  The mascara itself requires two coats to get a decent coating on, this is supposed to be a full size sample so unless they have just not filled them properly the mascara is quite thin and does need the extra layer.

As I say this was full size and retails at £6.99 while I like the idea of it and the mascara is okay I prefer the one I already use and am not likely to replace it with this.

So that is this months box, over all I am quite pleased with it and they gave me chocolate so what more could I ask for.

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