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Tuesday Teaser!

You have all been so supportive and given me so much encouragement regarding Voices, and I do feel a bit of a failure that it is taking me so long to get it done and out there when everyone else seems to produce their work far quicker.  I am working hard on it and I thought that in the mean time you deserve proof that it is coming along, so I decided to give you a teaser each Tuesday from a different story each week leading up to the release, I will set a firm release date very soon but the plus side will be you will know that a new story is finished each week from the postings lol so here is your first Tuesday teaser, I hope you enjoy them….


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser!

  1. Paula, I think you should not feel a failure. You are creating something in the time it takes you to feel as if it is done and ready. It isn’t a competition. From what I have read it is very good, you should feel proud of your achievement.


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