An Old Friend Revisited – Part Six


First apologies for the delay in the final instalment of this story, real life has been crazy with various charity events taking place but as tomorrow is the first of April and I intend to start the A-Z Challenge again I wanted to tie up the loose ends here first…

If you have missed the first parts you can click on the Full Sunday Story tab at the top of the page and read it all in one go for those who have been waiting patiently then read on and hopefully enjoy…


The sound of the slap echoed around the theatre, the Doctors head flew back, his eyes widening fro the mixture of surprise and pain.

“River! What…”

His voice trailed off as the situation became apparent to him. Tightly closing his eyes he slipped from the seat and hunkered down in the gap between the rows. Only once the singers were obscured by the seats in front di he open his eyes once more.

He pulled the sonic screwdriver out from his pocket and held it up in the air pointed towards the singers.  Puling it back down he looked at it.

“Not good, definitely not good.  Now think! I can’t use the sonic to disrupt the hold they have on every one or that will leave them all brain damaged, I need a plan…I need someone to listen to me what is the point in coming up with an amazing plan when there is no one to listen to it!”

He glanced to the seats either side of him, he made a decision based on his still stinging cheek and grabbed Astrid by the ankle and dragged her to the floor.  It took a few moments for her to come to her senses, the Doctor clamped his hand over her mouth as she began to speak.

“No! Shhhh! Listen!  Those creatures are using their voices to hypnotise people, somehow they are drawing the energy from them,  I need to break the connection but I need to do it without leaving all the people here brainless idiots.”  He looked along the row to where a group of strange looking creatures were frozen by the singers spell, “Okay so more brainless than they already are, I have a plan well not a plan but a thing, a thing that will be a plan as soon as I finish talking. If you understand nod your head but don’t speak.”

Astrid nodded her head and the Doctor removed his hand. Astrid opened her mouth to speak but one look from the Doctor silenced her.

“No! Wait! Yes! That’s it! Sing! Sing now at the top of your voice!”

“Sing what?” Astrid questioned looking perplexed by the sudden request.

“Anything, everything, sing a shopping list I don’t care just sing!”

Both the Doctor and Astrid broke in to verse, Astrid singing an old Stoe lullaby while the Doctor began singing seemingly random words into the sonic screwdriver which he appeared to be using as a microphone.  The singers on stage waivered before increasing the volume of their own singing, the Doctor adjusted something on the sonic and his voice boomed out overwhelming the other singers, Astrid put her hands over her ears but carried on singing her own song adding more volume to her own words.  Gradually she noticed people beginning to look round to where the Doctor stood still producing some form of noise which was passing as singing.

There was a flash and the Doctor spun round just in time to see a final glimpse fo the mysterious singers as the faded from view.

“Damn they got away!”

“Doctor!” River was now alert and noticing that the majority of the people in the theatre were now moving in their direction looking rather unhappy.

“Ah yes,” the Doctor followed her gaze “maybe we should cut our evening short. Run!”

He grabbed Astrid hand and the three fled from the theatre only stopping once the were safely back in the TARDIS.  River set the co-ordinates and minutes later they set down back in the space port.

The Doctor opened the door and followed Astrid back into the place they had left only a short time before.

“Doctor? I thought your name was Mr Smith?”

“It is that is just a private joke River likes to play.  Well Astrid you have a few hours left to go prepare for your new job.  I don’t suppose I can change your mind about taking it?”

“No if anything the little bit of excitement you have shown me today has made me realise how much I want to get out there and see it all.  I want to see the stars, see all the places these different people come from.” She gestured around the space port. “Today you showed me more excitement than I have had in my whole life, you made me feel alive, like I could do anything be anyone.”

“Astrid Peth you are incredible and you will see the stars and you will change lives.  You are one of the most incredible women I have ever had the honour to know.”

Astrid laughed as she started waking across the space port, “You make it sound like I am someone special!”

“Astrid Peth you are special and don’t ever forget it.”

Astrid’s brow furrowed as she turned “I never told you my surna…”  Her voice drifted off as the blue box disappeared with a wheezing groan.

Back inside the TARDIS the Doctor stood with his back against the door, eyes closed his lip trembled.  River waited for him to compose himself as she knew he would.  My Doctor, always running but he can’t run away from himself, she set the co-ordinates to return her to Stormcage. She watched as he straightened his bow tie and bounced up the steps to the console to join her.

“So Professor River Song where to now?”

“Back to penal servitude I’m afraid, for me anyway. I think you should go pay mummy a visit, I think they might just have forgiven you for leaving the Ood in the toilet by now.”  She turned from him as a smile formed on his lips, then noticed something on the floor.

As she picked it up she recognised the Doctor’s Psychic paper which had so recently failed him, with almost a giggle she opened it, the words that formed before her eyes silenced her mirth and replaced it with confusion as she held it out to him.

“Come to the library, and signed with a kiss? If I didn’t know better I would think that was my writing.”

The Doctor snatched it from her grasp, staring at it with wide disbelieving eyes. “That’s wrong, no, no, no this is wrong.”

“Doctor what’s wrong?” fear entered Rivers voice, it was an emotion she had not felt in a very long time.

The TARDIS landed and the Doctor grabbed River by the hand and hauled her out to her cell.  “River something is wrong, very wrong.  I need you to promise me you will stay here until I come back.  No going off and amusing yourself, no popping home to see your parents.  Just stay here until I come back. Promise me!”

Looking in his eyes she saw the confusion and uncertainty, “Yes!” She wanted to push for more but she realised that she had no choice but to put her complete trust in him.

She watched as he departed knowing that she would keep her promise no matter how hard it was, that he knew more than he was letting on she had no doubt, but she knew he would be back for her.  Only then did she realise he had not embraced her as he said goodbye.


An Old Friend Revisited Part Five


Previous parts can be found… (sorry it’s late again)

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River tightened her grip as a figure slowly materialised, she could not make out and distinguishing features at first, then the singing came from the creature.  Her grip relaxed come on River get a grip, we are at the theatre even the Doctor can’t get into trouble here, she settle back in her seat once more and allowed her hand to slide from the bag back into her lap.

The creature was fully visible now exquisitely beautiful, feminine but without any recognisably gender specific features.  The Doctor searched in his memory trying to put a name to the chanteuse who held their attention with her intoxicating performance.  Was it a her, should that be it?  He was unsure but there was a definite female aura…

Astrid felt herself lean forward as two more singers appeared, one either side of the first.  She had never seen such beautiful creatures before but more than that the voice swept her away, he was surely singing directly to her, He was different from any other man she had seen before, he lacked the rugged look she had learned to associate with the male of every species she had so far encountered but still he was unquestionably masculine.  She could feel her pulse rate increasing and her heart racing as the song embraced her.

“They are rather good!”

When there was no reply River turned to look at the Doctor, his eyes were fixed on the creature on the stage.  A glance at Astrid then the rest of the audience showed the same glazed expression. She looked back at the creatures on the stage again, as she focused her attention on them she noticed waves of energy between them and the people sat in the audience, tiny ethereal strands like ribbons of the thinnest organza gaining in clarity.  She could not tell if they were coming from or into the creatures only that she was the only one who seemed immune to the link.  She shook the Doctor by the arm but nothing seemed to stir him.  She stood up drawing the attention of all three of the creatures who now seemed to be singing just to her, she fought to hold on, to hold them off.


With the last of her energy and free will she raised her hand and brought it down across the Doctor cheek before falling back into her seat her eyes wide as beheld the beauty before her.

Book Review – Ten Little Aliens By Stephen Cole


This is one of the paperback 50th Anniversary series and features the First Doctor it was first published June 1st 2002 by Random House UK…


I decided to cheat a little an post an excerpt from the authors introduction, firstly it makes a few things easier to explain but also it will help you make sense of my review.


As you can see the Agatha Christie theme runs through this book not only in terms of a plot outline but also in the chapter titles each of which is an actual book title by Christie.

We start the book off from the point of view of the military unit, predominantly that of Shade initially with more characters becoming known to us as the book progresses.  They are in the middle of a war an believe they are about to take part in a training mission on an asteroid.  On their arrival they soon discover not all is as they expect it to be and they are not alone.

After a misdirected effort to reach their destination the Doctor, Polly and Ben also find themselves on the asteroid and a force field prevents the re-entering the TARDIS.

I am going to really leave the plot there as I don’t want to give away too much, those who know the Christie original will know people disappear one by one but in this case even that is not what it appears to be.

I have to confess that I am not thrilled by the companion choice for this book, of all the companions down the years these are two of the ones that I have least affection for and really cannot relate to.


My problem is they are very much of their time, the Doctor picks them up from Earth in the 1960’s and mentally they do not really change that much, for my personal taste Ben is far too patronising he references to Polly as ‘Duchess’ annoy me maybe because I used to have a dog by that name and can see similarities between the way he treats her and a pampered pooch.  Polly herself is also everything that frustrates me in many female characters, constantly requiring saving, insipid and superficial I just never feel any real depth to her character and her doe eyes at Ben make me feel a little queasy.

Sadly the Doctor himself is rather a non entity in this book, for the majority of the story he remains helpless on the periphery and only in the very last chapters does he real contribute to the story at all.

I know it sounds like I didn’t like the book very much but that is not really true, I liked the idea of it, and I like the story surrounding the space marines and the war they are fighting, but it very much felt like that was the main story and the Doctor was just squeezed in, I think the book could have been written just as well if not better without his presence at all.

If this had been a later, more physically active Doctor and more interesting companions it could have been a different story but I actually think as a first Doctor story it does not really work.

I am going to give it 4 out of 5 which may seem generous but the actual writing is good and the story is good just the Who link that fails in my eyes.

Glossybox Monthly Review – February 2014


The first thing you will obviously notice is the really cool box for this month, I have to be honest the box is as big a thrill as the contents are, and as they are really useful for trying to keep the desk tidy then having lots of different boxes is great for finding what you are looking for quicker.  But enough of that lets peak inside…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy dance that we are back to a mix of make up and other products this month rather than just more skin care, so time to delve in and take a closer look…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiovanni Eco Chic cosmetics Chic ultra-moist range or Chic ultra-sleek range

I thought I would get the less exciting products over first, so we start off with three samples, one shampoo, one conditioner, and one hair mask.  And one complaint! Well actually two, first I don’t think it is possible to really try a shampoo, conditioner or any other hair product and judge the results on one wash, I think it would take two or three treatments at the very least to see real results so these types of samples are not very practical, which leads me to my second whinge. I have long hair, in fact my hair is now almost half way down my back again, these types of sachet sample do not contain enough of any of the products to really cover my hair properly and this was especially noticeable with the hair mask.  I have to say the products as I could test them were okay but nothing special, I received the ultra-moist range but could not honestly say I could notice a difference after.  They did not provide a price for the treatment but the shampoo and conditioner retail at £7.99 each for 251ml and I have to say I am not inclined to spend that on them.

Next up…


Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer

It looks cool and smells lovely but I am really at a loss for what this is supposed to achieve it says it will leave your body luxuriously perfumed, which it does though quite subtly, and that you will have a hint of sparkle, well…nope no sparkling going on.  It is quite runny and watery when applying which does mean it spreads nicely but try as I might I cannot find any trace of a shimmer or sparkle.  I received a 100ml bottle but it would cost £14 for a full size 250ml bottle, will I be buying it, sadly no, it reminds me a lot of the sort of thing you get from supermarkets for young girls who want to pretend to be grown up.

So disappointed by the first couple of items we take a break with out bonus Valentines gift…


Lindt Lindor Treat Bar

I don’t need to say anything the next picture speaks for itself..


Totally scrummy, melt in the mouth deliciousness, £0.79 in supermarkets and well worth it.

So back to normal service…


Claite London Paint Pot in Red Hot Chilli

First the bottle, I love it! I love the cute little bow but also the bottle is curve like a hip flask making it perfect for holding onto while painting your nails.  The actual polish is slightly runny and does have a very strong polish smell, I do love the colour though but it needs two coats.  I was a little unsure what I thought about this polish as it seemed to come off very quickly, it peeled off rather like PVA glue when you get it on your hands.  I think though to be fair it may just have been how quickly I had to put my hands in water because the paint I put on my toe nails lasted quite a while longer before chipping.  I received a full size 13.5ml bottle which retails at £9 I think I need to try it a few more times before I decide whether I would buy it but I will happily try more samples.

Next up…


First a should state that the colour is actually a like more pink in real life than it shows up on the picture, on application it is almost cerise.  This crayon goes on really nicely, it has a slick feeling but without the stickiness of gloss.  It stays on really well until you eat or drink after which you will need to reapply it.  It would be perfect if you want to put a big kiss on someone and leave your mark lol.  I actually really do like this and you can apply one or two coats depending on the colour intensity you desire. The only negative I would point out would be that the top is a little loose and falls off quite easily, a click on top would be better.  I received the full size 4g crayon worth £5 and I have to say I would consider buying it or other shades again. You can see the colour better in this picture.


Final item this month…


Maybelline Big Eyes Volume Express Mascara

I have to confess once more I have mixed feelings for this product, firstly on the ethical questions discussed on a previous blog post but also on the product itself.  I like the idea of the dual brush and having one just for bottom lashes…


My problem is as you can see from the fact I used to keyboard to show scale the brushes are incredibly short, this does mean it is less manoeuvrable and more awkward to use.  The mascara itself requires two coats to get a decent coating on, this is supposed to be a full size sample so unless they have just not filled them properly the mascara is quite thin and does need the extra layer.

As I say this was full size and retails at £6.99 while I like the idea of it and the mascara is okay I prefer the one I already use and am not likely to replace it with this.

So that is this months box, over all I am quite pleased with it and they gave me chocolate so what more could I ask for.

Tuesday Teaser!

You have all been so supportive and given me so much encouragement regarding Voices, and I do feel a bit of a failure that it is taking me so long to get it done and out there when everyone else seems to produce their work far quicker.  I am working hard on it and I thought that in the mean time you deserve proof that it is coming along, so I decided to give you a teaser each Tuesday from a different story each week leading up to the release, I will set a firm release date very soon but the plus side will be you will know that a new story is finished each week from the postings lol so here is your first Tuesday teaser, I hope you enjoy them….


An Old Friend Revisited Part Four


I was tempted to end the story with them arriving at the theatre but I decided you and they deserved a little more…

If you need to catch up…

Part one

Part Two

Part Three

The three walked together through an ornate arch way, the Doctor consulted a seating plan on the wall just inside the entrance then pulling the psychic paper he waved it before the face of a bemused looking usher.  The usher grasped the Doctors wrist holding it still before bursting into laughter at the blank piece of paper before him.

“Really sir did you honestly think that would work here?”

The Doctor looked round flustered and a little embarrassed before leaning in and whispering to the uniformed man,

“Look, I am trying to impress these young ladies,” he motioned towards an amused River, and confused Astrid. “I lost the actual tickets, Now you have the chance to do a random act of kindness for your fellow man…”

“No tickets no show!” The usher turned his attention from the Doctor and continued taking tickets from those who had formed a queue behind them.

Crestfallen the Doctor began to apologise to the two women,

“Shhhh give me the paper.”

“River it won’t work, he can see it isn’t really a ticket.”

“Shhh just give it to me, Why do you always have to argue with me? Just hand it over.”

The Doctor passed the slip of paper over, his bottom lip protruding slightly as he did so while trying to maintain an air of dignity and belief that River would be no less persuasive than he had been, then he noticed her slip something from her handbag, the glint of light reflected from a mirror left him in no doubr what she was doing despite her having her back to him, cheat. Knowing he was beat he had no choice but to watch as River approached the man, a manicured hand smoothing the lapels of his uniform as she leant in.

“If madam and her friends would like to take their seats the show will be beginning shortly,” the ushers smile intensified by the crimson smear he now wore.

“But how did she do that?” Astrid turned to the Doctor puzzled by the turn of events.

“Sometimes it’s just better not to ask how River does any thing, come one before he comes to his senses.”

The Doctor led the way through the double doors which opened up into a magnificent amphitheatre. Astrid audibly gasped at the sight before her, but barely had she time to come to terms with the scale of the venue than the Doctor had her by the arm pulling her down flight after flight of steps until they were only a few rows back from the front.  Spotting three seats together, they squeezed past disgruntled patrons, River apologising profusely several times as the Doctor clumsily reached his seat leaving flattened toes, bruised shins and at least one scuffed hoof in his wake.

Just as they settled into their seats the orchestra slithered into the pit, Astrid pulled on the Doctors sleeve and gave him a questioning look.

“They are Orchpusiods, distantly related to Octopuses on Earth, highly intelligent but also incredibly talented musicians, the fact each member can also play at least two instruments at once cuts down on the number needed.  Incredibly highly strung though, you don’t want to be stuck in a lift with one…”

His voice trailed off as they began tuning their instruments and he saw the look of awe cloud Astrid’s vision.  He smiled before turning to look at River, as always she was scoping out their surroundings, he wished she could relax and just enjoy the moment but he also knew she had her reasons for constantly being on edge. He tried to take in the scene as River would view it but was quickly distracted by what appeared to be the lights dimming despite being unable to visually locate any.

River took in the scene around them, there were so many races, creatures, species sat around them it was impossible to pick out and name them all, overall she could see no threat or anyone who she knew would target the Doctor but she was still uneasy.  Every sense in her body told her that something was going to happen, she glanced across at the other two, both totally oblivious, immersed in the experience.  She turned her attention to the musicians, nothing there to alarm her as they skilfully tuned their instruments, for a moment she was hypnotised by the speed and flexibility in what she could only think of as tentacles.  With a slight shake of the head she brought her focus back, now studying the blank space which would serve as a stage, nothing immediately jumped out at her, the lights dimmed and a spot light appeared illuminating the centre of the stage.  At first she could see nothing and settled back despite her protesting instincts, slowly a figure began to materialise in the beam of light, as it did so River slid to the front of her seat her hand snaking into her hand bag and taking a reassuring grip on the laser pistol concealed there.

Letter To My Teenage Self

I have seen quite a few posts on Facebook asking what you would say to your teenage self in two words but I thought I would take things a little further so today I am going to write a letter to my teenage self.

paula (17)

My dear me,

                      I would love to tell you that everything works out perfectly and that as I write this my life is everything you are dreaming of right now but I will not lie to you.

You will face many challenges in the years to come, your dreams will be crushed, changed and evolve but you will get through it all.  I could tell you to avoid certain people and to make different choices but I would not want to.  You will love and be loved, you will also be hurt and have your heart broken but from the ashes of those relationships you will not only rise but you will gain the two most precious gifts, a son and a daughter, though not in that order.  You will learn from each relationship, you will always retain your independent streak and find it hard to really let people in, to rely on them but you will also learn this is not a bad thing. I will not pretend you will always be happy but up to the point I am writing this you have survived everything thrown at you.

You have actually done more than survive everything you have gone through has made you stronger. You will have no regrets because you have learnt from all your experiences and when you look in the mirror you like the person looking back at you.  

Life will not always be fair or kind but one thing is certain you are in for one hell of a ride, and overall the highs far outweigh the lows.

Be kind to yourself and make the most of every moment.