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Quick Catch Up

Hi everyone sorry for the sporadic posting once more, it’s half term here this week and of course that means the monster requires amusing.  We had to move lots of furniture yesterday for my new Tivo box fitting, but monster is loving the fact he can now watch programmes shown after his bedtime and we have two wildlife series set to record for him David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities and Wild Deep which sounds quite naughty but is actually an underwater wildlife programme.

I am also trying to finish a story for submission to Zest the deadline for which in in two days so it will be close.

Ahmin has issued a challenge over on his blog for people to post their day in pictures, I have decided I will take my photos on Friday as it is a more varied day for me you can check out his day here.

A winner for the competition has been selected by my daughter and fingers crossed I will be recording this month blog later today and will announce the winner there.

I now have lots more furniture to move as the council want to come and do electrical checks on all the lights, sockets and god knows what else.  Have to be honest there is no way they can check them all partly because I have no intention of demolishing furniture to let them have access to sockets I don’t use and the dogs will have to be shut in my bedroom. But I do have till Monday to move things for that and it will let me tidy the bookshelves a little as I put the books back on them once they have been put back.

Have a great week everyone.

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