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An Old Friend Revisited – Part One


The alarm roused River Song from her sleep, it took a moment for her to realise she was being watched.

“So I thought we would go out for dinner, your choice this time, since you complained last time.”

“Well I didn’t get dessert, I didn’t even get to finish my main…”

He interrupted “Now River be fair how was I supposed to know a Sontaran battlefleet would blow up the kitchen?”

“It’s the same everywhere we go, there is always something that stops us just having a nice quiet evening out, if its not Sontarans then it is someone else that feels the urge to kill you.”

“That is not true,” he paused before continuing “sometimes they want to blow up the planet we just happen to be on, sometimes they are just being grumpy, and sometimes, sometimes they are after you River Song! You manage to wind up just as many people as I do.”

“No I don’t you wind people up just by showing up. ”

“I came to take you out for dinner not to discuss who is the most hate!  Now do you want to go out or not?”

River walked past him towards the TARDIS “You will always win hands down at being hated but a little arguing certainly builds up the appetite Sweetie, lets go eat.”

The Doctor watched her disappear into the police box, damn that woman she is infuriating, shaking his head he followed her in the door closing behind him just as the TARDIS de-materialised.

River stood at the console, vectors plotted and destination set by the time the Doctor reached her side.  She looked up at him, as always conflict raged in her chest, the desire to see him yet knowing each time she did was one time closer to the final goodbye.  He looked down into her eyes as if searching to see what was going on in her mind and she looked away unable to hold his gaze.

“I am just going to get changed, don’t touch anything I have her set for the best burgers ever.”

“Should I change?” the Doctor asked.

“No just resist the urge to add any head wear.”

Five minutes later River reappeared dressed in what appeared to be the same clothes, the Doctor frowned, obviously something was different, but he struggled to work out what it was before a light bulb came on, “Nice boots.”

“Thank you Sweetie.”

The TARDIS materialised in the corner of a Space-port loading dock, River led the Doctor between the piles of cargo awaiting loading and headed to the doors that opened out into the Space-port Terminus.  Vendors seemed to fill every inch of the place hawking their wares while around the edges more permanent businesses were housed in brightly lit stores.

River threaded her way towards a gaudily lit diner not pausing as the sellers proffered a variety of goods towards her.  She swung open the door and after a quick glance round the half full room she picked out an empty booth and swiftly wound her way between tables and secured it, only as she was seated on the leather bench did she notice the Doctor hesitating just inside the door.

“Sweetie over here,” she called to him assuming he had momentarily lost sight of her, but as he moved towards her as if in a trance her brow furrowed as she realised something was wrong. “What is it? Don’t tell me you have been to Sto before? Are we going to get thrown out?”

” No that’s not it, I haven’t been here before, just someone I met once…”

The Doctor fell silent as he looked up at the petite blonde who had come over the the booth.

“Hi, my name is Astrid and I will be your waitress for this evening, would you like to order your drinks while you take a look at the menu?”

River looked at the Doctor who had gone pale and saw his bottom lip trembling.

“Could you just give us a minute?”

“No problem just give me a shout when you are ready.” With a beaming smile Astrid turned her attention to another table who were ready to settle their bill.

“Start talking, and tell me everything!”

To be continued

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