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Flash Fiction Friday 122: 6-word stories

Today I am honoured to feature as one of Morgens 6 word story writers

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

DCF 1.0Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the one hundred and twenty-second piece in this series. This week’s is the seventh bunch of 6-word stories by a variety of authors (up to three per author), together with their 6-word biographies! These stories will be podcasted in episode 38 (with three <500-word stories) on Sunday 22nd March.

6-word stories

by Karen Bate, Canadian author of memories

  • Tickled no end I’ve been selected!
  • Winter cold. Snow squeaks. Bones creak.

by Elaine McKay likes writing on paper.

  • Two champagne glasses…thirsty were we?!

by Mark K, a writer?… trying hard

  • Why does English not make sense?
  • I love rowing: Arguments or boats?
  • Meet me. Greet me. EAT me.

by Sarah Palmer has no website! Writer?

  • Brigitte’s wedding dress is gathering dust.
  • I’m not sure it should wobble.

by Miriam Drori. Extrovert with social anxiety.

  • Elaborate food preparation. Doorbell. Rotten stench.
  • Attack. Retaliation. Escalation. Ceasefire…

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