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Author Interview – Paula Acton, author of My Child

It was my pleasure to be involved with Zest and I hope to feature in your magazine again xx


Q1. What inspires your creativity?
Lots of things and I find that different aspects of my writing are inspired in different ways, for example I always find poetry easier to write sitting out in the wild with a notebook and a pen whereas stories are more likely to be inspired by places I visit or books I read.  It is not always writing that is inspired though as most of those who know me can testify to I can often be found wandering about with my camera.
Q2. What conditions do you like to write in? Standing on your head, sitting on the bus, eaves dropping at a party…
I prefer to write at my desk after all it is the one place I can guarantee I have everything I need to hand but the reality is I end up writing anywhere and everywhere.  I always carry at least one…

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