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The Monster Wants a Monster

Okay the monster wants lots of things but the thought he has put into this one is quite amusing, it all started the other day when he watched this…


Well this combined with his love of dinosaurs led to a long conversation about the fact dragons aren’t real (sorry I wish they were but there you go) then we go talking about lizards and he explained to me that lizards were mini dinosaurs.  Now at this point common sense should have prevailed and I should have changed the subject but instead stupidly we went on YouTube and looked at some lizards. He likes Geckos as my sister used to have one she kept at my mums a little like this…


Now I am not a huge fan of reptiles but I quite like the Bearded Dragons, and if in a year or two he still wants one then I might just be able to cope living with one of these…


The problem is today he saw the ultimate, dino-lizard, yup you got it…


The Komodo Dragon, the ones in question were in Australia Zoo, and the late Steve Erwin was talking about them like they were big cuddly, tickly-under-the-chin type creatures.

He watched the programme then went back to watching his dinosaur programme and I thought nothing of it, until a couple of hours later.  At this point he walked over and asked when we were going to the pet shop to get his lizard, of course the first question I asked in return was what lizard and when had I agreed to it.  He then announced in all seriousness that we were going to get a dragon and it would be sleeping in my bedroom, but not next to the guinea pigs so it couldn’t eat them.  He explained how it would need a big cage but he would only take it out for cuddles and for it to have a swim in the bath because they like to swim!

I know as a parent we try to give our kids everything they could want but this time I am sorry, the monster is not getting a monster, but you have to love the logic with which he thought its care plan through lol

7 thoughts on “The Monster Wants a Monster

  1. Aren’t you fortunate Christmas has just gone and he didn’t ask then. At least you’ve got 11 months to acclimatise yourself to having a Komodo dragon walking round your bedroom next year. I really think you should use this time well though and take lessons on how to chuck them under the chin while still retaining your hand.
    xxx Massive Hugs to you and the Monster xxx


  2. For my 35th birthday my sons gave me an Iguana. I had told them they could not have one because they would not properly care for it, so instead with the help of their father they gave one to me. Of Course.

    Caesar Iggy grew to be quite large, he lived in a terrarium outside most of the year (it is quite warm in Houston) and then in heated terrarium in the garage during the two colder months of our winter. He was really quite docile and interesting.


  3. I’m nominating you for the ‘Lovely Blog’ Award. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what we’ve shared… I should have the post up sometime tomorrow.


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