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First Failed Experiment

Okay I don’t know why I was surprised having known my phone is already on its last legs but today I tried a couple of experiments filming out and about on my phone hoping to be able to use the footage to make my Vlogs a little more interesting than 5 minutes sat looking at me talking.  However I fear until I can afford a new phone in a few weeks time that is what you will be stuck with.

The camera works still and on the actual phone the picture and sound quality looked quite good, I thought it was all going well until I plugged the phone into the computer!  First I must state I haven’t really bothered with the connection between phone and computer previously, I tend to Tweet or send pictures straight to FB I didn’t need to add music as I already put some on when I first got it but never listened to it as I have an iPod so it just used extra space, so today I was shocked to discover that this new laptop has some silly software installed to use with the phone that I cannot make head or tail of!  I couldn’t even work out how to look on the phone to find the files

But no panic, simple I thought I will just email the file from my phone to the laptop easy… I should have known better.  It did send and deliver however some where between the phone and computer (a whole six inches in real space) the sound had disappeared, not only that but the quality was appalling on a computer size screen.  So back to square one and an extra requirement for a new phone, a decent video camera.

I don’t want to end on a negative though as I am determined to stay positive this year I was printing off some pictures for a friend and had a space left on the sheet, normally I would print off an extra picture of the monster but I decided to print off a picture of me that I liked.  I will be putting one up in the kitchen and one over my desk to remind me that even when I have a bad day when I get depressed and hate the way I look I will be reminded I can look half decent (if a little freaky in this picture).


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