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Okay first thing this morning I climbed on the scales and updated my Road to Health page, I am not going to go on about it here lets just say today we have a smiley face 😀

First thing I want to share with you today is a recipe I just found for Oatmeal Breakfast Cupcakes, I will definitely be having a go at making these they look delicious and healthier than some of the shop bought alternatives and can be used for breakfast or for morning snacks.

I have also been watching a few other Vlogs to get some ideas for improving mine and I have come to the conclusion I really need to get my editing software to work properly very few Vlogs seem to work being done in a single take so I am going to start working on one for next week keep fingers crossed.

My Facebook page finally hit another milestone this week as I passed the 300 likers mark, I do wish it were easier to get more interaction going on there but the new way FB decides to share posts is making that really hard unless you are incredibly famous of course but despite this I am still feeling very positive and have been doing more background research into various things related to my writing resolutions.

Hope you guys are all having a good day and speak to you tomorrow x

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  1. A Smiley Face already? Well Done.I was going to say be careful you don’t waste away but then you hit us with a recipe for a cupcake so It’s hardly likely is it. Well done on getting 300 likes on your Fbook page, that takes some doing. I rarely visit there these days as I have a low tolerance of Fb and some of it’s policies.
    Have a great start to the weekend tomorrow.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Yeah on your 300 mark and yeah on your smiley face too. I recently lost 2 stone, I know how great that smiley face feels.


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