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Road To Health

I have added a new page to the blog today specifically to share my journey towards a leaner healthier me.  I have been putting off this post all day but if I intend to stick to daily blogging I cannot procrastinate any longer.

You see I knew when I climbed on the scales it would be depressing, I even pretty much knew how depressing but it is one thing to be depressed in the privacy of your own home and another to share you shame on the internet.

I am not going to put my start weight here, it is on my Road to Health page for any who really want to know and maybe once those number come down I won’t feel as bad about it.

It would be easy to lie, none of you were in the kitchen this morning (scales work more accurately on a hard floor) I could have knocked a little off and pretended that it was not as bad as it is.  But eventually you would notice that the figures didn’t add up and to be honest I just don’t do lying.

So instead I have taken a deep breathe and prepared…for what?  I know the people who come here and read my blog are always supportive, while others have suffered from trolls it is an issue I have never had here.  Maybe I am worried if you see those numbers you will think less of me but I know that not true either.  I think the truth is that by putting it in black and white I have to go through with it, I have to prove to myself I can shift this weight, I can get through the pain barrier of exercise, I can get back to being the person I was before my back op.  But in truth I am also scared, scared that I might discover I cannot get back to that person, scared the physical limitations will still be there no matter how much weight I lose.

The future can be scary but some things are worth facing your fears for, watch this space…it could get interesting!!!

10 thoughts on “Road To Health

  1. One thing is for sure Paula, whether you achieve the goal or not, the effort itself will be there and you will not have changed as a person except maybe to become slightly more confident. We don’t love you as a slim person or one with a little weight. We love you as you You’ll have our support on this journey no matter the outcome. Personally I think your determination will bring about some success but not knowing the extent of the injury to your back I don’t know whether you’ll get back to as you once were. 2014 is fresh and you have time to reach a balance you’ll be happy with and we’ll be happy for you and with you at every stage. Good Luck!
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Not only do I think you’ll be successful in regaining your health and wellness this year, I think you’ll end up not being the same you were, but BETTER. Because wanting to change and grow, can only move us up, not down. I wish you a loving, healthy, happy New Year, and all the changes that you need.


  3. You conquered quitting smoking and I think that would be harder than losing weight. If you can do something that incredible, you can do this 🙂 Good luck!


  4. You are by far the most beautiful, intelligent Brit I’ve ever to have the pleasure to know, not to mention your inner strength. So I’m quite sure you will be able to accomplish whatever goal you sit for yourself. Miss you tons!!


  5. You are the most beautiful Brit I have ever had the privilege to meet, not to mention that strong will of yours, you will no doubt accomplish whatever u sit out to do.


  6. I heard a lovely quote last week pertaining to weight loss and exercise, it said: you need to feel good about every step instead of reaching for the goal. More chance you’ll keep going. Loved that!


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