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Get Ready 2014 Am Coming to get You!!


First let me wish you all a happy new year!!! I hope you all saw the New Year in with loved ones and surrounded by family, or if like me you were home alone last night (don’t worry it was through choice lol) you got to see the New Year in on line with friends around the world I was lucky enough last night to share the chimes of Big Ben chatting to a very good friend in the States I only wish I could have stayed up to share hers coming in , maybe next year.

Of course the New Year means RESOLUTION TIME, you will have noticed my blog has received a facelift and I have written my writing resolutions for this year, they have their own page but I will share them here as well in this post and will update you each month on them. So here are my ten writing resolutions….

1) Finish and publish Voices it has been dragging on far too long know even though I know some of the delays have been unavoidable.

2) Redraft Q of A and send out to at least three publishers/agents

3) Write every day and achieve a full year chain on the Magic Spreadsheet

4) Submit at least once piece of work for each month of the year to a journal or competition.

5) Use my time more effectively and not leave everything until the last minute

6) Set up the website properly as a place just for my work rather than all my other stuff although there will be a link to the blog for those interested.

7) Blog every day there is no excuse not to if I plan properly.

8) Photo blog over on Inspired Thru the Lens every day certainly no excuse on that one as it only takes a minute to schedule each post

9) Write in my journal every day – I was rather sporadic in that last year

10)  Accept I will never achieve perfection and let others tell me when things are going okay rather than having a hissy fit and hitting delete when I fee they aren’t.

Now on to my personal ones as I feel this year I need to be much more demanding of myself….

1) Read more and read at least ten books from the lists I have under the Challenges tab.

2) Watch more films – my film knowledge is terribly poor I have always read more rather than watching but I will watch at least ten films from the list under the Challenges tab.

3) Lose at least three stones – okay it sounds a lot but it is less than half of what I really need to lose and works out at less than a pound a week and it is not about anything anyone else may think of my weight it is about me wanting to get fitter and healthier.

4) In addition to 3 I will exercise three times a week, okay I might not be able to do much at first but I will use the Magic Workout Spreadsheet to inspire me and hopefully will build up quickly.

5) I will get rid of clothes once they become to big for me as I lose weight I will not save them ‘just incase’.

6) I will begin making Vlogs again and not be paranoid about how I look in them.

7) I will do at least two things from my Fifty before 50 list and find at least 10 new members of my family on my family tree I may even do a blog once a month introducing you to some of them.

8) I will keep an honest record of my year in my journal but I will also create a page to chart my weight loss which I will update monthly to share my journey and maybe inspire others to make the changes they want to be have been putting off.

9) Once a week I will cook something new using one of the numerous cook books sat gathering dust in my kitchen.

10)  Be happy, sounds easy but so often we put our own happiness to one side to please others.

So thats mine for this year some I know will be easier to stick than others but I aim to give all of them a damn good go!

9 thoughts on “Get Ready 2014 Am Coming to get You!!

  1. Hi, Paula. Nice scribblings.
    Glad you liked the 6 worders on Morgen’s site. (Aren’t they fun?) I don’t have a blog or anything yet, but i wanted to say thank you.
    Morgen’s been a real sweetie and has helped me an awful lot; to get my short stories right. I’m still not quite there but i’ll keep trying. It’s only been about six years now!
    I rather admire anyone who gets one resolution together, let alone the amount you have?
    I’ll get a blog together one of these days and give you a shout when I do. Meanwhile, good luck with the writing AND the resolutions.


    Mark Kaye


  2. Thanks for once again liking one of my pieces – this time being Pod-cast by Morgen Bailey – she is such a fab supporter of my work and I urge anyone wanting exposure to get in touch with her and see what can be achieved. Talking of achievements, how is the New Year’s Resolution list standing up after almost a month? Are you managing to do all or any of the things you listed? I’ve never made a list or had a resolution because I know I just would never keep to it. I admire you for putting it out there Paula, do let me know how it is going. Thanks again for liking REVENGE. Appreciated. Jane x


    1. They are going really well other than the blogging every day which I failed miserably with, real life is so inconvenient sometimes lol, I really enjoy having Morgen read the stories to me via the Podcast, She has mentioned to me about contributing a short story so I really should get that organised 😀


      1. Yes you must have a go at a short story, would love to rad it and hear it too. I am not surprised about the blogging daily resolution. I find it hard enough now and again…I have to try and find a topic worthy of sharing which is so hard. Daily would kill me. I hope you enjoyed Revenge and the other stories. I always love reading other’s efforts. Thanks so much for your comments. 🙂


  3. Thanks for visiting Morgen Bailey’s site and reading my flash horror “The Cellar.” I appreciate that. I enjoyed reading your blog about meeting 2014 head-on. Good luck with all your resolutions!


  4. Hi Paula, I am appreciative of you stopping by Morgen Bailey’s Post Weekend Poetry and reading my “Kylie Meets Iris”. I’m impressed with your writing and personal resolutions – will be on the lookout for your short story submission.


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