Flash Fiction Friday 122: 6-word stories

Today I am honoured to feature as one of Morgens 6 word story writers

Morgen 'with an e' Bailey

DCF 1.0Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the one hundred and twenty-second piece in this series. This week’s is the seventh bunch of 6-word stories by a variety of authors (up to three per author), together with their 6-word biographies! These stories will be podcasted in episode 38 (with three <500-word stories) on Sunday 22nd March.

6-word stories

by Karen Bate, Canadian author of memories

  • Tickled no end I’ve been selected!
  • Winter cold. Snow squeaks. Bones creak.

by Elaine McKay likes writing on paper.

  • Two champagne glasses…thirsty were we?!

by Mark K, a writer?… trying hard

  • Why does English not make sense?
  • I love rowing: Arguments or boats?
  • Meet me. Greet me. EAT me.

by Sarah Palmer has no website! Writer?

  • Brigitte’s wedding dress is gathering dust.
  • I’m not sure it should wobble.

by Miriam Drori. Extrovert with social anxiety.

  • Elaborate food preparation. Doorbell. Rotten stench.
  • Attack. Retaliation. Escalation. Ceasefire…

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January Vlog

I have decided on a new format for the Vlogs where I will do one a month to be published on the last Thursday of each month, hopefully you will enjoy them and want to see more but also I am going to use them to run a monthly competition on my Facebook page and once I get more practised at editing you will get to experience more of the places I visit during the year.

If you want to take part in the competition please visit my Facebook page here

Author Interview – Paula Acton, author of My Child

It was my pleasure to be involved with Zest and I hope to feature in your magazine again xx


Q1. What inspires your creativity?
Lots of things and I find that different aspects of my writing are inspired in different ways, for example I always find poetry easier to write sitting out in the wild with a notebook and a pen whereas stories are more likely to be inspired by places I visit or books I read.  It is not always writing that is inspired though as most of those who know me can testify to I can often be found wandering about with my camera.
Q2. What conditions do you like to write in? Standing on your head, sitting on the bus, eaves dropping at a party…
I prefer to write at my desk after all it is the one place I can guarantee I have everything I need to hand but the reality is I end up writing anywhere and everywhere.  I always carry at least one…

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Mysteries of Udolpho by Anne Radcliffe – Part Six Review Volume 2 Chapters I & II


I should probably have included this book as a resolution but I am determined that this year will see me finally finish it.

It was actually quite fitting that the New Year saw me pick this back up and starting the Second Volume, I think it is interesting to pause to consider the was this book would have originally been read in the separate volumes via a lending library which would have ensured a fixed period for the reading of each.  Possibly in the individual volumes the book would not seem so daunting and I do question whether the book would have been quite so influential if the reader had been faced by it in its entirety.

Volume 2 sees our heroine being removed from her aunts home following her aunts marriage and the party are journeying to Montoni’s home in Venice.

Now I have to be honest the first chapter of this volume annoyed me, when reading any story we are expected to suspend our disbelief and go with it but to suggest that Valencourt could sneak up to the side of the halted carriage and peep in to hand her a note without anyone in either of the two carriages noticing him is rather pushing it.  I would much rather she had left him looking longingly from a distance then have him claim to have been able to sneak up on people who we know would be watching for him to attempt some form of communication.

The journey is only really of note for the descriptions of the way war had ravaged the country and the interaction between the travelling party and the troops whose path they cross.  The fact that Emily shows no reaction at the sight of prisoners who are being held for ransom from their families suggests she has not led as sheltered a life as we are earlier led to believe.

Once they arrive in Venice we finally have some description which did grip me though it does feel to be briefer and less detailed than the earlier descriptions of the mountain passes.  The strolling players described beneath the window are very evocative of the period and I wish she had given the same amount of description for the wonderful cities as for the wildernesses.

I am hoping though the story will pick up pace now.




Book Review; Raising Steam By Terry Pratchett


This is going to be quite a difficult review to write because given the book is only out in hardback at the minute the chances are there will be people out there who have not read it, but I shall do my best…


Thirty years ago Terry Pratchett created a world which would enchant readers and hold them captivated by the delightful characters they encountered there.  Raising Steam is the 40th Discworld novel and a fitting anniversary celebration of this ever evolving universe.  Readers are treated to a cast of old and new characters headed by the wonderful Moist Von Lipwig.

I love that the series remains fresh despite the fact that it has been developing for thirty years and cannot think of another series where a series has run as long while not only maintaining quality but raising the bar constantly.

In this we see more of the other creatures who also inhabit the Discworld and the struggles for equality while retaining their individual cultures in the face of an increasingly diversifying melting pot better known as Ankh Morpork.  It could be argued that this aspect is an interesting introspective into the issues surrounding multiculturalism in our own countries at the minute, and the fact most people are happy to get along with a small minority determined to cause strife and division.

This book has the central theme of technology and invention and it is interesting to consider from our won advanced technological position the impact that steam and the railway actually had all those years ago.

I don’t want to go too much further at this time as it is not yet out in paperback so there may be many out there who have not read it, if that is you then go get it I give it a resounding 5 out of 5.

On a side note if you have trouble keeping the Discworld books in order click here for assistance.

First Resolution Failed lol

You may have noticed that I have been rather quiet this week, don’t worry it has been nothing serious, rather the joys of parenthood and several appointments which have need to be attended plus a deadline for a story to submit so back to normal now.

I have been working on the Vlog and have decided I would rather do just one per month but try to make it more interesting and get more creative with it, I am in the process of editing the clips together fr this months which includes introducing you to the furry family members more fully, I am also keeping a few outtakes which I am sure I will put together at some point for a bloopers post.

Anyway just a quick post to tell you where I have been heading off now to schedule some FB posts and blogs for the coming week 😀

The Monster Wants a Monster

Okay the monster wants lots of things but the thought he has put into this one is quite amusing, it all started the other day when he watched this…


Well this combined with his love of dinosaurs led to a long conversation about the fact dragons aren’t real (sorry I wish they were but there you go) then we go talking about lizards and he explained to me that lizards were mini dinosaurs.  Now at this point common sense should have prevailed and I should have changed the subject but instead stupidly we went on YouTube and looked at some lizards. He likes Geckos as my sister used to have one she kept at my mums a little like this…


Now I am not a huge fan of reptiles but I quite like the Bearded Dragons, and if in a year or two he still wants one then I might just be able to cope living with one of these…


The problem is today he saw the ultimate, dino-lizard, yup you got it…


The Komodo Dragon, the ones in question were in Australia Zoo, and the late Steve Erwin was talking about them like they were big cuddly, tickly-under-the-chin type creatures.

He watched the programme then went back to watching his dinosaur programme and I thought nothing of it, until a couple of hours later.  At this point he walked over and asked when we were going to the pet shop to get his lizard, of course the first question I asked in return was what lizard and when had I agreed to it.  He then announced in all seriousness that we were going to get a dragon and it would be sleeping in my bedroom, but not next to the guinea pigs so it couldn’t eat them.  He explained how it would need a big cage but he would only take it out for cuddles and for it to have a swim in the bath because they like to swim!

I know as a parent we try to give our kids everything they could want but this time I am sorry, the monster is not getting a monster, but you have to love the logic with which he thought its care plan through lol