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Still in Techno Limbo

Well am still here in technological limbo and in someways it has been freeing not feeling the need to read every email immediately but I desperately miss all the friends I have around the world with whom the internet has connected me. I find myself wondering how friends are doing, hoping those who have been unwell are recovering and feel frustrated that communication has been cut. Here in real life my ex ended up in hospital with a broken hip – no I did not do it before you ask – but it reminded me how quickly life can change that the unexpected is waiting round every corner and you must seize every opportunity.

And with a new year just around the corner it brings me to my other point for today…

This morning was a glorious sunrise and as I stood in the garden I realised how often we look but fail to see. If I asked you to describe a sunrise I pretty much guarantee the colours red, orange and yellow would feature almost sunset in reverse but this morning I sat on the step in the cold crisp air and watched where peaches merged with pinks, the contrast against the most resplendent turquoise. A glow was cast over everything like being sat at a giant fireside but I wondered how often we actually stop to make full use of our senses.

I know my interest in photography has altered the way I see the world but next year I want to pay attention to the other senses as well and think more about tastes, smells and textures and more importantly how I get that across in my writing.

Anyway enough for now it is hard work doing blog posts when the whole keyboard is only two inches long and an inch high. Hope you are all well my friends and fingers crossed I get my computer back soon.

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2 thoughts on “Still in Techno Limbo

  1. You’ve been missed and I wasn’t expecting you back just yet. I hope it’s not too long before you access to the computer, I’d never cope with trying to do things from a Blackberry.
    In case you’re not around, I wish you a Wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of nice surprises.


  2. Ah you have a BlackBerry as well, do you have tons of issues with it too? With the service books.. internet.. all that? Or is it just Belgium? I can’t imagine what it’s like not having a PC at your disposal, bah! I hate being on a travel laptop already.


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