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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 49-52

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We left Jane preparing to go after Bing to demand an explanation and Lizzie heartbroken for her sister, lets get straight on…

Lizzie is of course right about Darcy as we all know, we now have the departure of more characters as Wickham and Jane both leave town, we really do need more characters.

Wickham shows his true colours on Twitter within hours of leaving letting Lizzie reflect on emotions and the difference between her relationships and Janes.  Charlotte calls with a well timed invitation and we know that there is the possibility we will get to meet Darcy soon, if the time line parallels the novel at this point.  I have to confess that it took only a very short time for Wickham to descend from eye candy to annoying so I am looking forward to seeing how Darcy is played.

We travel to visit Charlotte and get to see her office and also we are re-acquainted with Mr Collins who becomes increasingly smarmy with every appearance.

I love they got a name check in for Doctor Gardiner, I know they are keeping the cast down to a minimum so it is great when minor characters at least get mentioned even if they don’t appear.

We have crossed the half way point now and still no Darcy but he has to show soon, doesn’t he?

One of the things I love about this and the original novel is it makes you question the nature of relationships, with Jane and Bing they almost miss out because they fail to outwardly show their feelings, Lizzie and Darcy show feelings but they are interpreted wrongly and Wickham deliberately sets out to deceive, the thing is growing up we experience all of the emotions and actions to some extent or another, it is only with age we learn to recognise them if we are lucky.

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