6. Saturday · Lizzie Bennett Diaries Watch-a-long

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 45-48

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Am so excited I just lined up the episodes to view today and guess what we meet Wickham! I am so excited I can’t wait so see you on the other side….

So we finally met Wickham not this is a tough one to talk about without sounding like a cougar about to stalk prey but given the ages of the intended audience which is probably teens to mid twenties he is perfect.  Good looking, fantastic body, and those eyes! The casting is perfect for the guy who looks like an angel but we can be pretty sure will turn out to be anything but.  The given excuse for the fallout between him and Darcy however lacks credibility, in the novel there is a reason that Darcy’s father takes an interest in young Wickham but the explanation given here does not include why his father would feel the need to promise to fund education which I did feel could have done with being explained.

I am a little lost with the time-line now as Bing is back and throwing another party I assume this is actually the one from the novel where Mrs Bennet will be an embarrassment, Wickham of course stands Lizzie up rather than face Darcy.  Love that Lizzie gets relationship advice from Lydia.

We then discover Bing has done a flit and Jane learnt via a tweet he was going back to Los Angeles without saying anything.  Poor Jane is stunned but off she goes in pursuit of an answer after letting off steam and making her feelings known.  Jane does demonstrate the complex flights of emotions from denial, justification, pain, and indignation which anyone who has ever had a broken heart can recognise.

On to next week I really want to see Darcy now and we are reaching the half way point surely we have to see him soon.


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