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Health And Safety Heart Attacks

2012-04-18_52 (2) - Copy

I mentioned a while ago I had been editing some picture left by my late grandfather and was amazed how much things had changed over the years, and I have to say in this case for the better.  The picture above shows the terrible conditions most Zoo animals were kept in but I do think that we need to look at his fairly, these places were no being cruel they just did not know any better, there are places in the world that still house animals in these conditions and whether you agree with Zoos or not it is a sad fact that without them several of our most impressive species on the planet would be lost to extinction by now.

However the point of this is not a serious discussion on morals but a light hearted look at the places as they were and the issues that would have the man with a clip board collapsing at….

2012-04-18_9 (3) - Copy
It is perfectly possibly he would have his tape measure out checking if in fact the bears could reach up to the top of that wall if the climbed on the slope, and the answer would probably be yes!
2012-04-18_11 (2) - Copy
Small child (me) gets head on eye level with a bird whose beak could easily fit through the fence and take an eye out, also said small child could easily stick fingers through or feed bird (don’t worry I did neither or at least I was quicker than the penguin as I have all my fingers)
2012-04-18_19 (2) - Copy
My gran meeting a baby camel, harmless enough you might think but where there are baby camels there are generally mummy camels who don’t like people messing with their kids, chance are you will at least get spat at
2012-04-18_50 (2) - Copy
Okay this bull does have some form of enclosure but I am pretty sure it would not hold him for long should he decide he has enough being fondled by ladies (have you noticed that it is all ladies wanting to stroke the bull…)
2012-04-18_65 (2) - Copy
While Giraffes are generally quite docile creatures they can deliver quite a kick so the idea of getting out of your car and walking around them makes perfect sense doesn’t it?
2012-04-18_58 (2) - Copy
I am not convinced this barrier will do anything more than annoy the elephant even more if it decides to go on the rampage
2012-04-18_37 (3) - Copy
up close and personal to a Walrus but also look at those railings designed obviously to allow people to lean right out over the water

And finally…..

2012-04-18_47 (2) - Copy
As if walking round giraffes was not dangerous enough lets all walk around a creature which has horns that could pass all the way through a human body!

We complain at times that Health and Safety legislation has gone mad but when you look at these you realise

sometimes we need protecting from ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Health And Safety Heart Attacks

  1. I’m so glad things have improved for the sake of the animals but wasn’t it wonderful to be able to walk round without all the fear we suffer now. It was a different world back then.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. From one end things seemed so wonderfully simple back then, the way my aunt and grandma explain. Then again rules change for the better of the animals too which is great. But with that more loopholes and more complications.. yadda yadda. Cute pics though hehe, all of our pics got scattered pretty much over the years.


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