1. Monday · Strictly Spectacular 2013

Strictly Spectacular Week 8 From Blackpool Tower Ballroom


(remember the opinions are mine as a viewer I have no actually knowledge in terms of the technical side of the dancing)

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, oh we do like to be beside the sea….

Its Blackpool week where the remaining celebs get to dance at the spiritual home of sequins and feathers Blackpool Tower Ballroom and as always there are high expectations and they will have to raise their game to impress so lets see who puts a smile on my face…

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271673  Celebrity; Ashley Taylor Dawson, soap actor

  Professional; Ola Jordan

  Dance; Pasa Doble

  Judges Marks; 35

  What I thought;  This has to be one of the few times in my life where I have found a cowboy a turn off, he was more Sid James in Carry on Cowboy than anything else to me, I just really didn’t like it, the music choice was okay and could have been an inspired theme with someone more imposing dancing the role, just didn’t do it for me sorry and the open shirt only shows how poorly he compares with the professional dancers physiques.

Mark-Benton-and-Iveta-Lukosiute-2274047  Celebrity; Mark Benton, Actor (starred in Doctor Who)

  Professional; Iveta Lukosiute

  Dance; Jive

  Judges Marks; 29

What I thought; This is a dance which is notoriously difficult for the larger person and Mark fell foul of that, although it was incredibly fun to watch and I really do enjoy watching his and Iveta’s performances but technically it was poor, it was not his best dance and I would hate for him to go out on this one but I fear after the fans not getting behind him last week he may be in the dance off again and depending who he faces he could be going home.

Kevin-Clifton-and-Susanna-Reid-2274044  Celebrity; Susanna Reid

  Professional; Kevin Clifton

  Dance; Pasa Doble

  Judges Marks; 39

  What I thought; Kevin decided to stick to the traditional roots for their routine and they nailed it.  they looked amazing, the music was powerful and evocative and the dancing mirrored it.  Susanna could easily have passed for a professional in this routine and her Pasa face was magnificent.  Definite contender for dance of the week and if she keep going like this she will be fighting it out for a place in the final.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271676  Celebrity;  Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Singer

  Professional; Brendon Cole

  Dance; Quickstep

  Judges Marks; 34

  What I thought: I really enjoyed this it was literally as if by letting her hair down she was giving herself permission to thoroughly enjoy herself.  There was a sense of fun and ease I have only really seen in the Charleston, the faster ballroom dances seem to be made for her. The dress was lovely and suited the occasion however I have said it before I wish they had covered her tattoo as it just does not fit with the ballroom image.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271675  Celebrity; Natalie Gumede, Actress, ex-dancer

  Professional; Artem Chigvintsev

  Dance; Charleston

  Judges Marks; 39

  What I thought; Given there have been two amazing Charlestons already the series you cannot blame Artem for wanting to try something different, and for the most part it works.  there were the odd bits which I didn’t enjoy quite as much and the thing they have slapped on Natalie’s head is proving very distracting.  Technically her dancing is amazing but her overacting once again was off putting her as she gurned her way through the routine again.

Kristina-Rihanoff-Ben-Cohen-2274060  Celebrity;  Ben Cohen, ex rugby-player

  Professional; Kristina Rihanoff

  Dance; American Smooth

  Judges Marks; 32

  What I thought;  I really loved this, a contender for dance of the week.  Love how easily he picks her up and twirls her around like she were a child, for someone who has hearing problems and is neither an actor or performer he is proving to be fantastic. There is a really lovely feel to this dance, a tenderness which is beautiful to watch. He is proving to be the real dark horse of this competition as he goes from strength to strength each week.

Anton-Du-Beke-and-Fiona-Fullerton-2274048  Celebrity; Fiona Fullerton, Actress and Bond Girl

  Professional; Anton Du Beke

  Dance; American Smooth

  Judges Marks; 29

  What I thought; This was the dance I really thought would suit Fiona, she has a suave, sophisticated partner in Anton and you would expect Hollywood glamour and that they did deliver, sadly however it was rather ‘nice’ it lacked a spark and excitement, it was lovely to watch but wouldn’t leave you gasping in surprise.  I fear Fiona’s days are numbered on the show as the younger ones pull out all the stops.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271677  Celebrity; Patrick Robinson, Actor

  Professional; Anya Garnis

  Dance; Samba

  Judges Marks; 35

  What I thought;  This was the best dance Patrick has done and it was a real shame his partner got her heel stuck in her dress, to be honest he coped very well it would have been very easy to lose count given how hard it was for her to free her foot.  I think this was a real chance for Patrick as well to build his confidence he really seemed to feel this rhythm which hopefully will help him get into other dances as well as he did this.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271680  Celebrity; Abbey Clancy, Model and Footballers Wife

  Professional; Aljaz Skorjanec

  Dance; Quickstep

  Judges Marks; 37

  What I thought; I have to say Abbey is becoming a firm favourite with me, another amazing performance, light, fast footwork, a huge smile and I really believed she was having the time of her life.  Abbey when she is waiting to perform or stood afterwards looks like a nervous school girl expecting detention but when she dances she comes alive, a real contender for dance of the week, and of course she looked stunning.

My Dance Of The Week

Costume of the Week


The dress just flowed so beautifully especially when he was whirling her around in the air.

Frocky Horror Picture Show


It was not so much the dress but the wig that made this a disaster it made me think she had a ducks bum stuck to her forehead.

The Dance Off

The first name called for the dance off is Mark and I really fear he may be going home depending on who the second person is… he dances against Fiona but I would imagine it is getting closer every week.  Mark ups his game in his dance but sadly Fiona falls apart and a split vote sees Len make the final choice and Fiona leaves us.


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