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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 37-40

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Another week has passed and we are back here waiting to see if Darcy puts in his first appearance except now I am nervous about whether I want him to or not.  After last week when I was convinced we would seen him and was disappointed he was a no show I started wondering what he will be like and realised something this is MY Darcy…


I know Lizzie Bennet’s Darcy is going to be younger, and I have a horrible feeling he will look like an All-American College Golden Boy, I know I may be totally wrong but what if I’m not? Will I be able to bring myself to keep watching?  Only one way to tell on with the next four episodes and I will see you at the end….

I love the argument about the car as big sister I cannot count the rows I have had over the ‘borrowing’ of things, but I ave to say in real life I would have done physical harm to Mr Collins by this point, infuriating does not even begin to describe him  I would never condone physical violence but I am pretty sure I would have thrown something at him as he stuck it round the door.

We have the return of Wickham even if at the minute it is by text, as someone who is recently single after seventeen years I know I have a whole new dating etiquette to look forward to dealing with when I am ready to go down that road, mobile phones required a suitcase the last time I was properly single and thought doctors might carry a pager (or drug dealers) for most people the phone was the only method of contacting people, now we have texts, emails, skype, tweets and a thousand other ways of making contact but I am not sure that is always a good thing as it relies on the other people knowing you well enough to know how to read your messages.

I love the twist though that rather than a marriage proposal it is a business partnership Collins in proposing,  it would have been unrealistic in many ways to suggest he would demand marriage in a modern context without some for of relationship first though of course he could hark back to the childish proposal.

Still no Darcy and we have not yet seem Wickham am wondering if I should check out the Lydia Bennet Vlogs to see if he has appeared there but I shall behave and watch all these first. Roll on next week!

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