A Year of No Smoking

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Normally would get a story on a Sunday but today I am posting on something a little different as you know I have a list 50 Things Before 50 which is not technically a bucket list but works on the same principle well today I am going to officially cross one off….


I will be honest I chose to stop smoking not for health reasons but because I begrudged the money it was costing me not sure if the figures othis are accurate for me personally but it sounds about right


I mean if someone said to do this you would think they were mad…


but as a smoker is is pretty much what you do,

I have no intention of becoming one of those ex smokers who gives smokers a hard time, I am an ex smoker I will never be a non smoker, I will always have days where it is hard and they tempt me but I do believe now I can cope without them.  I know there will be days when I want one for no reason but I also know I can spend the money on much better things and once I get exercising I will feel the physical benefits of having stopped as well.

The only thing I will say to smokers out there who want to stop is you can do it, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail because you only need to succeed once, and if you let people around you know you will get support I leave you with this just for those thinking of stopping and I am off to work out which of the other 49 on the list I go for next…


8 thoughts on “A Year of No Smoking

  1. Congrats Paula! That’s awesome! I like that chart you posted, that’s A LOT of money saved.


    1. the chart is not mine but I wish I had known about there being an online chart when I quit lol


  2. Massive Congratulations Paula. A year is a heck of a result. I don’t think your stats are quite right though unless you were smoking 100 cigs a day. I was saying to Mike yesterday I should give up. I smoke about 60 a day and could save £6.25 x 3 per day x 365 = £6843.75 a year. I don’t want to give up but the money is just ridiculous as well as the cost in health.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. The figure it gives on the picture is in dollars so it probably does work out at around £6,500 but it is probably more than I spent but at twenty a day plus buying more at the weekend I worked out I have saved about £3,500 or should I say redistributed it into more pleasurable activities such as new make up, days out, writing etc lol


  3. I stopped in June but have taken it up in last few weeks – argh!


  4. This is a huge accomplishment, Paula! Congratulations on a difficult job well done!


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