Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 45-48

043 (5)

Am so excited I just lined up the episodes to view today and guess what we meet Wickham! I am so excited I can’t wait so see you on the other side….

So we finally met Wickham not this is a tough one to talk about without sounding like a cougar about to stalk prey but given the ages of the intended audience which is probably teens to mid twenties he is perfect.  Good looking, fantastic body, and those eyes! The casting is perfect for the guy who looks like an angel but we can be pretty sure will turn out to be anything but.  The given excuse for the fallout between him and Darcy however lacks credibility, in the novel there is a reason that Darcy’s father takes an interest in young Wickham but the explanation given here does not include why his father would feel the need to promise to fund education which I did feel could have done with being explained.

I am a little lost with the time-line now as Bing is back and throwing another party I assume this is actually the one from the novel where Mrs Bennet will be an embarrassment, Wickham of course stands Lizzie up rather than face Darcy.  Love that Lizzie gets relationship advice from Lydia.

We then discover Bing has done a flit and Jane learnt via a tweet he was going back to Los Angeles without saying anything.  Poor Jane is stunned but off she goes in pursuit of an answer after letting off steam and making her feelings known.  Jane does demonstrate the complex flights of emotions from denial, justification, pain, and indignation which anyone who has ever had a broken heart can recognise.

On to next week I really want to see Darcy now and we are reaching the half way point surely we have to see him soon.



The Eleventh Hour!



I did debate whether to actually do these in order but decided against it after all very few Who fans will have ever watched every single episode in order initially so I shall use Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and jump back and forth.

Today I am going to look at a newer episode The Eleventh Hour which sees us introduced to the 11th Doctor which seems fitting as in only a few weeks we know he will play the role for the final time.

Story Title; The Eleventh Hour


the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith


Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan

First Aired in the UK:

“The Eleventh Hour” was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 3 April 2010. Overnight figures reported that 8 million watched the episode on BBC One and the simulcast on BBC HD. Final consolidated figures rose to 9.59 million on BBC One and 494,000 on BBC HD, making the final rating for the episode 10.08 million viewers, the most-watched première since “Rose” and the eighth highest rated episode since Doctor Whos 2005 return. The episode was second for the entire week on BBC One and number four for the week across all channels. The episode earned an Appreciation Index of 86, considered “excellent”.

The episode was also popular on BBC’s online iPlayer. Within one week of broadcast, “The Eleventh Hour” received 1.27 million hits on BBC’s online iPlayer service, the record for most requests in a week. It went on to become the most requested episode of 2010 with 2.241 million views; Doctor Who was named the most watched programme of the year on the service.  Stats taken from Wikipedia


The Trailer;

The Story

We ended the previous series with the Tenth Doctors obvious pain at his impending regeneration, many people have divided opinions about whether it was tear jerking or whiny but either way Matt Smith’s comic genius in this episode was the perfect antidote.  There are times where some of the lines do sound a little like the were written for the previous Doctor but overall he imposes his personality onto the role within minutes of climbing out of the wrecked Tardis.  His first human contact is with a little girl Amelia Pond who has something living in her house.  He sets off to take a quick hop to the future but returns years later to find Amelia has grown into Amy, a feisty young lady determined not to take any nonsense.  The monster living in her house can take the form of any person with whom it has formed a bond,


We also see Rory in this episode but there is no hint of his role in episodes to come.  In fact at the end of this episode Amy does the same as Rose and runs off with the Doctor leaving her poor boyfriend behind, not a trait which endeared Rose to me.

I could spend ages discussing this episode in depth but I don’t want to it was a great romp and this clip shows Smith firmly gripping the Doctor mantle

But for this episode I want to talk about something very important to Doctor Who and that is family, the show was designed for family viewing (though some older who fans seem to have forgotten this now and believe it is made solely for their benefit) and in my house this episode marked not only a new Doctor but a new viewer.  My daughter, all grown up was a definite Tennant fan girl, who was determined not to watch it (that didn’t last long and she fell for Smiths Doctor just as much) but my own little monster was at an age where he was beginning to really take notice of things and he fell in love with the show.  For him Smith was his first Doctor and though he loves all the Doctors except number Six but you can’t really blame him for that, he does prefer the new series.  There are so few programmes you can all sit down to and watch as a family where you can all take equal enjoyment from but more than that there is something so heart warming about the first time your child learns to love something you love rather than you just watching along with kids TV.  The monster and I have hours of fun playing with Doctor Who toys, reading his magazines and books, watching episodes together, we even went to The National Media Museum for a Doctor Who day out.  we have been to watch the 50th special at the cinema together and in doing so have shared a part of history.

Fandom is great but sharing your passion with those you love means even more, I know there will probably come a day where the monster decides it isn’t ‘cool’ to watch Who but I know that I have given him a gift that in years to come he will come back to and one day he will sit with his arm round his own little monsters as they watch Daleks exterminate.

Health And Safety Heart Attacks

2012-04-18_52 (2) - Copy

I mentioned a while ago I had been editing some picture left by my late grandfather and was amazed how much things had changed over the years, and I have to say in this case for the better.  The picture above shows the terrible conditions most Zoo animals were kept in but I do think that we need to look at his fairly, these places were no being cruel they just did not know any better, there are places in the world that still house animals in these conditions and whether you agree with Zoos or not it is a sad fact that without them several of our most impressive species on the planet would be lost to extinction by now.

However the point of this is not a serious discussion on morals but a light hearted look at the places as they were and the issues that would have the man with a clip board collapsing at….

2012-04-18_9 (3) - Copy

It is perfectly possibly he would have his tape measure out checking if in fact the bears could reach up to the top of that wall if the climbed on the slope, and the answer would probably be yes!

2012-04-18_11 (2) - Copy

Small child (me) gets head on eye level with a bird whose beak could easily fit through the fence and take an eye out, also said small child could easily stick fingers through or feed bird (don’t worry I did neither or at least I was quicker than the penguin as I have all my fingers)

2012-04-18_19 (2) - Copy

My gran meeting a baby camel, harmless enough you might think but where there are baby camels there are generally mummy camels who don’t like people messing with their kids, chance are you will at least get spat at

2012-04-18_50 (2) - Copy

Okay this bull does have some form of enclosure but I am pretty sure it would not hold him for long should he decide he has enough being fondled by ladies (have you noticed that it is all ladies wanting to stroke the bull…)

2012-04-18_65 (2) - Copy

While Giraffes are generally quite docile creatures they can deliver quite a kick so the idea of getting out of your car and walking around them makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

2012-04-18_58 (2) - Copy

I am not convinced this barrier will do anything more than annoy the elephant even more if it decides to go on the rampage

2012-04-18_37 (3) - Copy

up close and personal to a Walrus but also look at those railings designed obviously to allow people to lean right out over the water

And finally…..

2012-04-18_47 (2) - Copy

As if walking round giraffes was not dangerous enough lets all walk around a creature which has horns that could pass all the way through a human body!

We complain at times that Health and Safety legislation has gone mad but when you look at these you realise

sometimes we need protecting from ourselves.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 41-44

043 (5)

Saturday again and that can only mean one thing, Lizzie Bennet time, I really hope we meet one of the other male characters this week I know that the whole story really centres n the female characters but I am reaching a point where I want to be able to put faces to the names, the longer I wait the more I think of the TV/Film versions and am more likely to be disappointed. So see you at the other side and fingers crossed for at least one new character….

It is interesting to see how Charlotte’s character has been transformed, in the novel her character was far more pragmatic accepting Collin’s from a purely practical stand point and because of lack of options, in this she is much more of a go getting career woman and one can imagine that had Austen’s Charlotte had the option of earning an independent living Mr Collins would have remained single. Her reasons for accepting the job are still the same but she does seem to have a lot more of a choice than she would have previously.

The argument between the two over Charlotte leaving strike me as really realistic you know they will make up eventually because that’s what friends do but they are also the people who can hurt you most because they know you inside and out all your failings as well as your successes, they are also the only people who ever are willing to tell you the truth even when it hurts.

Still no sign of meeting new character although Wickham is back in time so hopefully we will see him soon, the issues between Darcy and Wickham are as yet unknown but the tension has been recreated without meeting either which demonstrates the quality of the vlogs.  Bing’s absence came as a surprise to me as I still find myself trying to impose the novel timeline onto this but we shall see how things develop next week.

Doctor Who – Right back to the start



Now it may seem strange putting up the phrase spoilers on a programme that has stretched back 50 years but I am aware when discussing the older stories there may be some people who have not seen them.  The older series many stories were told over 4-6 episodes so I will briefly discuss each episode then an overview of the story as a whole.

I decided that the best place to start would be at the beginning, the format of these review is still a work in progress so please bear with me, all feed back welcome as always.

Story Title; An Unearthly Child


the First Doctor played by William Hartnell


Susan Foreman played by Carole Ann Ford

Barbara Wright played by Jacqueline Hill

Ian Chesterton played by William Russell

First Aired in the UK;

Episode Broadcast date Run time Viewers
(in millions)
An Unearthly Child 23 November 1963 23:24 4.4
The Cave of Skulls 30 November 1963 24:26 5.9
The Forest of Fear 7 December 1963 23:38 6.9
The Firemaker 14 December 1963 24:22 6.4
Barbara, Susan, the Doctor and Ian

Barbara, Susan, the Doctor and Ian

Episode 1; An Unearthly Child

We begin with the two teachers, Ian and Barbara, from the school which Susan has attending becoming suspicious about the girl and her erratic knowledge base, highly intelligent in some aspects get incredibly naive in others Susan has not quite managed to fully integrate herself unnoticed into life as a teenage girl.  She loves the music and the twentieth century yet it is in the details her ‘otherness’ shows through her inability to grasp old money, and some of the more basic concepts of social interactions give her away and this failed with a down slide in her homework standards lead to Barbara decides to visit her home.  Unable to find the address the school have for her she enlists the help of Ian to follow Susan home with the intention of talking to her grandfather however instead of a house they find themselves outside a junk yard.

I want to keep the clips to a minimum but as this was the first glimpse we get of the Doctor I could not resist we also get our first look inside the TARDIS.  Although we now are familiar with the idea of the TARDIS it is worth stopping and considering just how different this was to anything else at the time of its broadcast. Spaceships and time travel were of course well documented topics in literary works as well as in film but the idea of something existing in different dimensions was as far as I am aware unheard of.  The choice of the Police Box for the ship was am amazing choice as it took the ordinary and created something extraordinary.

It is worth mentioning here that in trying to be impartial rather than just the squealing fan girl that I do think in many ways unless you are already a Who fan you are not going to fall in love with the series from this episode if you watch it as your first episode today.  By today’s standards the camera work seems clumsy and the picture quality is poor although the BBC are showing a restored version as part of the 50th celebrations.  The other failing is really the story line.  Strange girl gets followed home from school by two teachers who would in today’s climate be reported for stalking her, follow her to a junk yard where she appears to be living and confront her grumpy old granddad.  In any other genre this would be the point social services were called instead they force their into her home and are shocked by what they find.  The episode ends with the Doctor setting the ship in flight after refusing to allow Ian and Barbara to leave and they land on what appears to be a strange beach.  The cliff hanger ending lacks impact compared to many of those modern viewers are used to,

Episode 2; The Cave of Skulls

I need to keep the summaries briefer for the next episodes or it will be a ridiculously long post lol so here goes

We start with a group of cavemen arguing about making fire and failing.  Lots of shouting, and political squabbling about leadership.

Meanwhile in the TARDIS the Doctor is arguing with Ian about the possibility they have travelled anywhere before opening the doors to reveal the prehistoric landscape.  Once outside the Doctor notices that the TARDIS has failed to camouflage itself to blend into the environment.   Susan, Barbara and Ian explore together while the Doctor wonders off to take samples, the Doctor disappears and Susan has hysterics before they go looking for him.

The Doctor is held captive by the tribesmen as they fight for leadership, the others are captured as the search for the Doctor and before long are reunited in captivity.  We leave them prisoners in a cave surrounded by skulls that have evidently met with a violent ending.

Episode 3; The Forest of Fear

After a little plotting and squabbling our intrepid travellers work out how to escape from the cave, Barbara nearly gives them away by screaming about a dead wild boar which is rather amusing considering where they had just escaped from. We do begin to get character building in this episode revealing the main characters personalities more possibly because they are isolated for most of the episode.

When the leader of the tribe is attacked they rush to his aid and lose their chance to escape.

Episode 4; The Firemaker

We open with a view of the Tardis surrounded by savages before seeing our daring explorers dragged back to the caves.  The Doctor tries to re-establish the power balance within the tribe and actually instigates the stoning of one character to drive him from the tribe which is rather a disturbing image when you consider what the Doctor has come to represent in later years.  They are thrown back into the caves, and discovered making fire, eventually they make there escape and return to the Tardis.

Overall view;

This was a brilliant opening story for the series, it is worth bearing in mind that the actual intention of the series was still being tweaked and was intended to provide an element of historical education as part of the programme so heading back to the primitive beginnings of man was apt in more ways than one.


Glossybox Monthly Review – November

I put my hands up I opened the outer packaging and was disappointed to see the pale pink box before identical to the one I received in October, but to be fair it never said anything about different actual boxes each month I just assumed it as my first two were so different, but once I opened it up I was happy, I was expecting more make up in it approaching the festive season but actually the skin care stuff is more practical for me so here we go this was what I found upon opening the box…


Because of the nature of the products not quite as many pictures this month but on with the first item…


Idealia Life Serum by Vichy

This set of three came in a lovely organza bag and contained two serums, and one illuminating lotion.  They had a slight floral smell and I decided to be fair and give them a couple of days before judging them, they are designed to be used on their own or under moisturiser and although they were adequate I prefered the Smoothie Serum I received previously and the other primer as an illuminating cream.  They were great on the normal areas of my skin but did nothing to hydrate my dry patches.  I received three 3ml tubes which have lasted fairly well but the full size 30ml bottle would cost £29.50 and I don’t think for me personally this would be a good investment.

Next up…


Hand Cream by Yves Rocher

Well you would think there is not much you could say about a hand cream, it rubs in nicely and does leave your hands feeling really good, the only real issue I have with this is the smell.  The orange/chocolate combination is a rather pungent one and leaves your hands smelling like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange which is not a completely bad thing, however the smell does linger quite a while and if you are rather peckish it will drive you round the bend.  It is also off putting if you are eating something which does not go well with that fragrance.  I received the full size 75ml which costs £1.95 so it is very in expensive and if you can cope with the smell it is worth it.

Okay onto the next one…


Rapid Dry For Nails by Elegant Touch

I was very sceptical of this product having tried one of these sprays years ago and finding it failed miserably but I was pleasantly surprised.  While I would still recommend patience and allowing the base coat to dry naturally I did use it on the top coat and found it worked in some cases and not in others.  What seems to make the difference is not the spray but the quality of the nail varnish, when used with a more expensive, better varnish it worked perfectly but when used with a cheap bargain basement varnish it made no difference at all. At £3 for the 125ml spray it is cheap enough to give it a go but I would say don’t try it with a new varnish for the first time when you are in a rush always try it out when you have time for it to mess up.

Okay next up…


Face Glow by Agese Oils

This was another product I felt required a few days trial before commenting so I used it for three days before writing this and I have to say again I feel the serum did the same job but better.  To start with this is a strange one to apply as it requires you rub it onto a damp face, this means for the first few minutes your face feels like you want to grab a towel and dry it but if you can resist it does feel very nice afterwards.  It was not greasy as I had expected and did leave my skin glowing however I did not feel this really lasted the full day only a few hours. with the sample I got there is no amount visible but a 15ml bottle costs £29.50 however I have to say one drop twice a day does mean this will last a long time, I would probably not buy this and buy the Smoothie Serum from last month instead but if I were given a bottle I would happily use it.

And Finally….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMicronized Eyeshadow – Dams by Emite Make up

Although I have not actually had the chance to try this out properly yet I am very impressed with it initially.  The packaging looks sleek and the test patch I tried with my finger was promising.  A full sized shadow worth £16.80 for 1.48 grams was sent and it is far more than I would normally pay for an eyeshadow palette let alone a single colour.  Hopefully I will get chance before this goes live to add some extra pictures with me trying it out.

Can’t wait to see what next months box will bring in the Christmas run up.

Eye shadow pictures, apologies the lighting in my bedroom was not very good when I took these but you can see what great dramatic effects you can create with the black eyeshadow.


NaNo Week 3 – I give in!


It’s official I quit lol

I have decided that even trying to complete NaNo this year is just a huge NoNo, the experience has not been a total waste of time though.

I realised that the novel I was attempting during this NaNo was not suited to this style of writing, it is the second book of my trilogy and requires far too much concentration to keep it in line with what has already taken place than I can deal with when a clock is ticking.  I know some people can easily keep several timelines etc running at the same time but between work, pets and kids it is just not possible for me.

So what have I learnt… well basically for me I need to do more planning before hand both in terms of preparing blog posts upfront and for the story I intend to work on.  I think for me the best type of story to work on in NaNo will be a stand alone type book and in hind sight I may have fared better had I gone with the Vampire book.

So prior to next year I will ensure I have cleared the deck in terms of other writing commitments so I can focus solely on NaNo and I will do my chapter/plot outline prior to November so I can be sure I have time to do any extra research that crops up.

I am not disappointed… okay I lie I am but not too badly now back to writing

Strictly Spectacular Week 8 From Blackpool Tower Ballroom


(remember the opinions are mine as a viewer I have no actually knowledge in terms of the technical side of the dancing)

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, oh we do like to be beside the sea….

Its Blackpool week where the remaining celebs get to dance at the spiritual home of sequins and feathers Blackpool Tower Ballroom and as always there are high expectations and they will have to raise their game to impress so lets see who puts a smile on my face…

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271673  Celebrity; Ashley Taylor Dawson, soap actor

  Professional; Ola Jordan

  Dance; Pasa Doble

  Judges Marks; 35

  What I thought;  This has to be one of the few times in my life where I have found a cowboy a turn off, he was more Sid James in Carry on Cowboy than anything else to me, I just really didn’t like it, the music choice was okay and could have been an inspired theme with someone more imposing dancing the role, just didn’t do it for me sorry and the open shirt only shows how poorly he compares with the professional dancers physiques.

Mark-Benton-and-Iveta-Lukosiute-2274047  Celebrity; Mark Benton, Actor (starred in Doctor Who)

  Professional; Iveta Lukosiute

  Dance; Jive

  Judges Marks; 29

What I thought; This is a dance which is notoriously difficult for the larger person and Mark fell foul of that, although it was incredibly fun to watch and I really do enjoy watching his and Iveta’s performances but technically it was poor, it was not his best dance and I would hate for him to go out on this one but I fear after the fans not getting behind him last week he may be in the dance off again and depending who he faces he could be going home.

Kevin-Clifton-and-Susanna-Reid-2274044  Celebrity; Susanna Reid

  Professional; Kevin Clifton

  Dance; Pasa Doble

  Judges Marks; 39

  What I thought; Kevin decided to stick to the traditional roots for their routine and they nailed it.  they looked amazing, the music was powerful and evocative and the dancing mirrored it.  Susanna could easily have passed for a professional in this routine and her Pasa face was magnificent.  Definite contender for dance of the week and if she keep going like this she will be fighting it out for a place in the final.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271676  Celebrity;  Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Singer

  Professional; Brendon Cole

  Dance; Quickstep

  Judges Marks; 34

  What I thought: I really enjoyed this it was literally as if by letting her hair down she was giving herself permission to thoroughly enjoy herself.  There was a sense of fun and ease I have only really seen in the Charleston, the faster ballroom dances seem to be made for her. The dress was lovely and suited the occasion however I have said it before I wish they had covered her tattoo as it just does not fit with the ballroom image.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271675  Celebrity; Natalie Gumede, Actress, ex-dancer

  Professional; Artem Chigvintsev

  Dance; Charleston

  Judges Marks; 39

  What I thought; Given there have been two amazing Charlestons already the series you cannot blame Artem for wanting to try something different, and for the most part it works.  there were the odd bits which I didn’t enjoy quite as much and the thing they have slapped on Natalie’s head is proving very distracting.  Technically her dancing is amazing but her overacting once again was off putting her as she gurned her way through the routine again.

Kristina-Rihanoff-Ben-Cohen-2274060  Celebrity;  Ben Cohen, ex rugby-player

  Professional; Kristina Rihanoff

  Dance; American Smooth

  Judges Marks; 32

  What I thought;  I really loved this, a contender for dance of the week.  Love how easily he picks her up and twirls her around like she were a child, for someone who has hearing problems and is neither an actor or performer he is proving to be fantastic. There is a really lovely feel to this dance, a tenderness which is beautiful to watch. He is proving to be the real dark horse of this competition as he goes from strength to strength each week.

Anton-Du-Beke-and-Fiona-Fullerton-2274048  Celebrity; Fiona Fullerton, Actress and Bond Girl

  Professional; Anton Du Beke

  Dance; American Smooth

  Judges Marks; 29

  What I thought; This was the dance I really thought would suit Fiona, she has a suave, sophisticated partner in Anton and you would expect Hollywood glamour and that they did deliver, sadly however it was rather ‘nice’ it lacked a spark and excitement, it was lovely to watch but wouldn’t leave you gasping in surprise.  I fear Fiona’s days are numbered on the show as the younger ones pull out all the stops.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271677  Celebrity; Patrick Robinson, Actor

  Professional; Anya Garnis

  Dance; Samba

  Judges Marks; 35

  What I thought;  This was the best dance Patrick has done and it was a real shame his partner got her heel stuck in her dress, to be honest he coped very well it would have been very easy to lose count given how hard it was for her to free her foot.  I think this was a real chance for Patrick as well to build his confidence he really seemed to feel this rhythm which hopefully will help him get into other dances as well as he did this.

Strictly-Come-Dancing-2014-2271680  Celebrity; Abbey Clancy, Model and Footballers Wife

  Professional; Aljaz Skorjanec

  Dance; Quickstep

  Judges Marks; 37

  What I thought; I have to say Abbey is becoming a firm favourite with me, another amazing performance, light, fast footwork, a huge smile and I really believed she was having the time of her life.  Abbey when she is waiting to perform or stood afterwards looks like a nervous school girl expecting detention but when she dances she comes alive, a real contender for dance of the week, and of course she looked stunning.

My Dance Of The Week

Costume of the Week


The dress just flowed so beautifully especially when he was whirling her around in the air.

Frocky Horror Picture Show


It was not so much the dress but the wig that made this a disaster it made me think she had a ducks bum stuck to her forehead.

The Dance Off

The first name called for the dance off is Mark and I really fear he may be going home depending on who the second person is… he dances against Fiona but I would imagine it is getting closer every week.  Mark ups his game in his dance but sadly Fiona falls apart and a split vote sees Len make the final choice and Fiona leaves us.


Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 37-40

043 (5)

Another week has passed and we are back here waiting to see if Darcy puts in his first appearance except now I am nervous about whether I want him to or not.  After last week when I was convinced we would seen him and was disappointed he was a no show I started wondering what he will be like and realised something this is MY Darcy…


I know Lizzie Bennet’s Darcy is going to be younger, and I have a horrible feeling he will look like an All-American College Golden Boy, I know I may be totally wrong but what if I’m not? Will I be able to bring myself to keep watching?  Only one way to tell on with the next four episodes and I will see you at the end….

I love the argument about the car as big sister I cannot count the rows I have had over the ‘borrowing’ of things, but I ave to say in real life I would have done physical harm to Mr Collins by this point, infuriating does not even begin to describe him  I would never condone physical violence but I am pretty sure I would have thrown something at him as he stuck it round the door.

We have the return of Wickham even if at the minute it is by text, as someone who is recently single after seventeen years I know I have a whole new dating etiquette to look forward to dealing with when I am ready to go down that road, mobile phones required a suitcase the last time I was properly single and thought doctors might carry a pager (or drug dealers) for most people the phone was the only method of contacting people, now we have texts, emails, skype, tweets and a thousand other ways of making contact but I am not sure that is always a good thing as it relies on the other people knowing you well enough to know how to read your messages.

I love the twist though that rather than a marriage proposal it is a business partnership Collins in proposing,  it would have been unrealistic in many ways to suggest he would demand marriage in a modern context without some for of relationship first though of course he could hark back to the childish proposal.

Still no Darcy and we have not yet seem Wickham am wondering if I should check out the Lydia Bennet Vlogs to see if he has appeared there but I shall behave and watch all these first. Roll on next week!

We Have Company, It Started With….Estelle Wilkinson

As my long term friends here know earlier this year I reviewed a book by someone I had interacted with on our respective blogs and Facebook, it was the first time I had really worried about upsetting someone with my comments.  The storyline of her book is based on biographical events so as you can imagine this is a deeply personal subject for her, but thankfully the review has actually built the respect we have for each other and I will say I have had a sneak peek at the new improved book and look forward to reading it afresh.

So without further ado let me hand you over to Estelle….

Book One Cover

Thank you so much Paula for hosting me on my blog tour and allowing me the opportunity to reach your readers with my news.

Earlier this year I published a memoir detailing an odd encounter I had with a man I met on eBay. It happened almost ten years ago to the day and took me, very much, by surprise! When relaying the story people always said what a great book it would make. I never had the confidence to go for it and so put the idea to bed about eight or nine years ago.

Part of what had put me off all those years ago was the idea of receiving rejection after rejection from publishers. Then, I heard about self-publishing and I decided I had nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, I didn’t put much work in and expected the story to sell itself. I had no idea what was involved in writing a book and marketing it. This, I would say, was quite apparent but luckily I have learnt a lot in the past twelve months and am able to put that into practice now.

I also hadn’t prepared myself for the more negative reviews I might, and did, receive. In a positive way, these reviews have got me to where I am today though and I am now thankful for them. The major points raised were down to formatting and the ending being an anti-climax. They were very valid points! I know I’ll never please everyone but I don’t want to disappoint either.

So, I have put in a lot of effort changing the format, removing the more repetitive messages, adding in more of a narrative throughout and enhancing the final chapter enormously.

The majority of emails and messages that are still in there are the originals but I have fictionalised parts to enrich the story. You’ll definitely notice that at the end of the book if you’ve read the original version already. I have to admit, I rather enjoyed writing that final chapter this time round…

In fact, I’ve really enjoyed putting in the extra effort with the whole book and hope that comes across. So, I really do thank all those who reviewed the last version (Paula included) as without their input I would not be writing to you so positively here today. I really do appreciate hearing what people think of my book – good or bad. The feedback is really helpful and all reviews this time round will go into making book two a far better book as well! I know there will still be people that the book doesn’t suit but I’m hopeful more will enjoy it than last time.

Please look out for It Started With A Click: The Story of an eBay Romance on Kindle now. Plus, from Friday 15th November until Tuesday 19th November, the book will be free to download.

One extra thing is that anyone who followed Estelle previously will know that she was a little camera shy, so I am now hugely pleased to be able to show you how gorgeous she is in real life and provide the links for you to all go look her up and show her your support…

Guest blogWebsite: