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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 29-32

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Another Saturday is here and more Lizzie Bennet awaits, I wonder if we will meet Darcy yet?  Lets see…

The whole issue of morals of discussing other people online is raised, but it is not really questioned with any real depth or insight but may possibly be an interesting blog topic at some point.  I have decided that Caroline reminds me of Cordelia from Buffy, we get to learn more about both her and her brother, he is so sweet, a little too saccharine for my taste but the perfect Bingley replacement. Lizzie and Caroline are doing well at pretending they like each other and possibly in this Lizzie is taking longer than her Classic counterpart to realise that Caroline is in love with Darcy and sees her as a rival.  The idea of the two young ladies still taking a ‘turn around the room’ didn’t quite fit, yes it allowed them to use the line from the original novel but I think I would have preferred a change there.

I am wondering when we will meet more characters, yet another week has passed without us getting to meet the man himself maybe next week?

2 thoughts on “Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 29-32

  1. Haa the top comment on that first video is exactly what I was thinking:

    “When he sees a spiders in the house, he catches it unharmed and releases it into the rose garden. He probably gives it a check up and a lollipop before letting it go”
    I need a Bing Lee in my life.


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