Parkin Time

The Autumn or Fall for my Transatlantic friends has descended and it is once more time to dig out my family Parkin recipe and get some made and going gooey in the tin ready for Bonfire night but really it is perfect for any winters evening.  Click on my assistant to link back to the page where I show you how to make this family favourite…


6 thoughts on “Parkin Time

  1. I was there during last year’s Bonfire night…wouldn’t I love to be there now! 🙂


  2. My Dad says can you send some Royal Mail


  3. Paula, he is so adorable! Can I have a little assistant like yours?! He could definitely help me bake up 100 cupcakes for Black Friday! xD


    1. He would help you bake them but he would also eat half of them before you even got chance to let them cool down let alone decorate them 😀


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