6. Saturday · Lizzie Bennett Diaries Watch-a-long

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 25-28

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Its Saturday and time for the next instalments of Lizzie’s diaries, we are a quarter of the was through and I am enjoying it although I would like to start seeing more of the other characters.  See you on the other side…

We get to join Lizzie at Vidcon and also to meet Mr Collins who we have heard of briefly in an earlier episode.  I was curious how they would arrange for Jane to stay at Netherfield given modern transport would easily allow someone ill to be transported, the remodelling excuse is perfect and the fact that in a modern setting sleeping over is perfectly acceptable this ruse allows for the mother to still appear manipulative. I like that Mary gets a name check even if she has been demoted from sister to cousin.

The stay at Netherfield is fascinating, we get to meet Bing and his sister Caroline though Darcy remains elusive.  Caroline is well played and this modern version perfectly reflects the two-faced sister that Elizabeth sees but fools Jane in the original novel.  I think she had been on screen around ten seconds before I hated her lol.

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