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Where did all the time go

I am still posting from my phone so this post is more of a prequel to a couple I will post once adding pictures is an option.

In between writing I have been editing some old photos stored on the computer, some taken by me, some of me and a slew of old slides that belonged to my grandad. In doing so I have reached several conclusions both personal and writing related.

Firstly health and safety officials would burst blood vessels at some of the pictures from my grandads slides. The show visits to both a zoo and a safari park both of which include pictures that common sense tells us are not the most sensible situations to be in, including a picture of me sticking fingers through a fence at some penguins. I think looking at the pictures the fact I still have all my fingers intact to type with is a miracle.

Secondly I realise that I wasted so much time when I was younger worrying about appearance and hating the way I looked when now I would be thrilled to look that way again. But as well as the vanity side of it with yet another year passing I look back and remember the hopes and dreams of the person in the photos and reflect on how different she is to me now. Some dreams remain the same but many life has crushed and reality has stamped its mark upon them.

The final thought is that old photos are a brilliant source of inspiration. Even ones that are seemingly mundane. My grandad was a gardener and worked for the council, at one point the was in charge of planting up roundabouts, so in the slides there are pictures of huge greenhouses full of geraniums and hydrangeas. Just from those alone so many possibilities come to mind, parks, big houses, garden centres even scientists searching for the perfect clone and that was just for starters.

Right back to writing only a couple more days and I shall be back properly and promise to stay better organised in future lol

3 thoughts on “Where did all the time go

  1. I think we’d like to see some of these photographs, especially the one of you teasing the penguins with your waggling fingers. Their solicitor has been on to me about damages for the distress you caused showing them your cage had no bars.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Yeah i’ve been thinking of the same thing Paula.. wanting to change things in this moment seems like such a waste of time when you think of it. Then again, we can’t change our feelings can we – ugh. Maybe it’s just a silly human thing we can’t fix.


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