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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 13-16

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Another week has passed and yet again I have restrained myself from watching ahead so as always see you on the other side of the clips…

Okay it is getting harder and harder to switch off after the fourth episode each week.  I am loving the way this is going in fact it even makes me feel like dusting off the camera and starting up my own Vlogs again except the are nowhere near as funny as these.  Lydia really reminds me of one of my own sisters, portrayal of the sibling bond really is well acted.  I love the idea of introducing modern elements such as the video games and that the pub has replaced the ballroom though a little part of me is rather disappointed about that in real life.  I do think there was something special about the idea of those formal dances where everyone got dressed to impress and actually danced in a civilised fashion without looking like they are being tasered repeatedly while in the process of getting dressed and left the house in their underwear.  Don’t get me wrong I am not a prude but very few people look as good as they believe they do and even fewer have friends worthy of the title who will tell them they look stupid, Miley is an example of that no genuine friend would have told her the ‘nude’ pvc bikini thing looked good.

Back on subject the pared down cast is still working really well I like they kept Caroline Bingley yet seem to have ditched Mrs Hurst and her husband and Aunt Phillips also appears to have been dismissed though unless we were going to actually see Mrs Bennet she would have served no purpose.

Roll on next week and the next installment

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