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Away Days and Thoughts on Challenging Oneself

admin-ajax.phpIf everything has gone to plan then in a few hours I shall be wondering round a stately home being totally over whelmed by the grandeur.

Does this look familiar?

Yes I am visiting Castle Howard one of the locations used for the filming of Brideshead Revisited as well as for other films and series.

I shall do a full post along with a few pictures next week, but I did remember that Stately home visiting is on my 50 before 50 so therefore deserves a proper post and that I really need to do a couple of the other in the near future.  I had actually forgotten a couple of the things on there like stopping smoking.  I mean how long before I can tick that one off?  I have not had a cig since the 31st of October last year, does that mean I can tick it off or does the fact there are still days I want one mean it would be tempting fate? I am tempted to say I get to mark it off on my one year anniversary of stopping but I am sure I read you must go two years before it counts.

Some goals we set for our selves are easy to say we have achieved.  I say on my list I want to visit more stately homes and in theory one more is still more and could be ticked off but unlike the wish to run a marathon it does not have a finite cut off point.  You run the marathon and it is run it does not matter where you finish or how long it takes (unless you have set your self specific targets) but for things like learn to believe in myself how can I ever tick that off.  Some days I might believe in my abilities yet the next I may delete whole swathes of writing dismissing them as rubbish.

I have realised I will never cross off all my 50 before 50 but I have also learned that by the time I get to 60 before 60 I will know to chose things that are more specific and achievable.

What have you challenged yourself to do that you realised after was totally impossible to quantify?

5 thoughts on “Away Days and Thoughts on Challenging Oneself

  1. Many congratulations on giving up smoking. I think smokers always fancy one no matter how long they’ve given up but I’m pretty sure you should be able to tick that one off. Barring a miracle I won’t ever give up because I don’t want to enough.
    50 by 50 sounds a great idea and you’re obviously well on the way. Since you think you haven’t been specific enough,like visiting Stately Homes you must allow yourself the leeway of deciding when you’ve reached a cross off point. You may just find you want to carry on though anyway.
    I don’t think I shall be starting a 70 before 70 list somehow.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Great post! I think you could have ticked ‘stop smoking’ on the very first day you stopped. I did this when I stopped drinking seven and a half years ago. And you mention making your next list more specific – but hey, you can always change your list today. I mean, it’s YOUR list, adjust it, keep it a living thing. You’ve made me want to make a list of my own now – 60 things I want to do before I’m 60. Five years to go … the time rushes by.


  3. Congrats on nearly one year! The secret, I think you might always want one in times of stress or with certain triggers but the further away you get the less likely you will be to reach. My eldest is quitting, I am rooting for him. Perhaps some day I will quit but I am not there yet.

    Can’t wait to see your visit to this home in pictures!


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