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WordPress or Website

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am only posting a short post today, partly as I am busy writing but also as I have not fully explored my subject matter for today, now I know you will be thinking why post on it then but I would actually love your feedback before I explore options more.

I have recently seen lots of my favourite blogger friends and authors begin switching from their sites here on WordPress as the main site to setting up websites which link back to wordpress via a blog button.  Now obviously until Voices is realised I have no need of this but after seeing the Wix advert in my Facebook newsfeed around six times today I finally clicked on it and took a look.

First let me say I understand why people pay other people to build their websites for them after an hour spent playing on there earlier today.  I am sure like here at WordPress once you find your way around it gets easier but the main difference I noticed was the price.

Now don;t get me wrong there are free options but it becomes evident from looking at the options the the web address unless you pay for the upgrade is a real pain, here on WordPress that is easily solved a one off yearly payment but with Wix it requires a subscription after a brief look at the packages it doesn’t seem that bad and there are some nice incentives for signing up for the year with Facebook Advertising credits thrown in.

I guess the question is when do you decide to invest fully in your dreams is it when that first book hits the shelves or once you have a collection of products to sell?  I would love to hear back your thoughts on Website Vs Blog and your experiences with different sites

10 thoughts on “WordPress or Website

    1. I have to be honest I think the blog will always be the place I interact from what I can see the websites seem to be more focused on the selling aspects not sure will wait till the book is read and investigate more


  1. I don’t really see the need to have a website and a blog. I love having them both in one. I can do everything I need here on WP and it’s free. Maybe there are advantages to having your own website, but I don’t really see them. If people want to find me (or info on my books), they either come here or my FB. I call my blog my website, which I think works fine.


  2. Hi Paula. I have a static website for my books ( with a link at the bottom to my blog. I read an interesting post recently where the blogger claimed that most readers of our work(s) don’t give a whit about the personal things we write about on our blogs. Even if our blogs are to share information about writing or marketing, our readers aren’t likely interested. A reader first wants information about our books and when new releases will be out. I never thought about this before, but I always liked if someone searched my name or one of my books, they would find my website first. I don’t want my blog to be just about my books, so I like having another place that is “just books.”

    If I misinterpreted what you were asking, please disregard. 😉


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