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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 9-12

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The Diaries continue and I have to say I am finding it increasingly hard not to just watch ahead but so far am being incredibly restrained see you at the other side of the clips…

The more I watch this the more I am enjoying it.  I was a little wary how they would deal with some of the other characters such as Mr Collins who while not having pivotal roles in the original novel are there to provide both contrast and reference points for the main characters behaviours, so his mention in passing as a juvenile candidate for marriage but soon acknowledged for his true personality.

I am loving the take that despite the fact women can now be successful in their own rights many parents especially mothers do still push for that big day but I am convinced that it has more to do now with the wish for grandchildren than the belief that this is the only way a woman can be financially secure.

It would be fascinating to know what Austen herself would have made of this adaptation – personally I think she would have loved it, but also what she would think of the opportunities women today have.

Do you think Austen would have been jealous of todays options for women?

Let me know your thoughts.......

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