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Sunday Story – From Beyond the Stars – Part One


(My attempt at Who fan fiction to be serialised in coming weeks)

As I sit to write this my future is decided.  It will also be a very short one.  I delay my final journey only to commit these words to paper in the hope that one day they may be found and read, and that the reader will have compassion for my story in a way which I doubt history will share.

It has been two hundred summers since that fateful day when I fell from the sky and my new life began…

“What is this?”

The Doctor started at the question, bumping his head as he slid out from beneath the console to look at Amy brandishing a sheaf of papers in her hand. “How am I supposed to know? I’m a Timelord not a Bane!  What is it? Where did you find it?”

Amy looked sheepish “Well I was looking for the swimming pool, I found the library and you said before the swimming pool was in the library so I went in and…”

The Doctor interrupted “That was before the TARDIS reconfigured herself it’s not in there now.”

“Well I know that now. But while I was in there I had a look around and this was on a table on it’s own just laying there so I picked it up. It looked like a diary,  thought it was a diary but it seems to be a confession of some sort.”

The Doctor clambered up to his feet and in a few strides closed the distance between then.  Taking the papers from her hand he read the first page, the colour blanched from his face. “Sometimes things are not black and white, sometimes there are so many shades of grey you have no idea how to make things right.  And sometimes someone else has to step in and make the decision for you.”  He walked over to the staircase and took a seat never once removing his eyes from the page in his hand.  Still without looking up he offered the pages back to Amy. “Take it and read it.  And when you have finished tell me…was there another way.”

10 thoughts on “Sunday Story – From Beyond the Stars – Part One

    1. Hope part two next Sunday keeps you gripped have learnt from a prior serial experiment that it will work better if I write ahead while I am in the zone so part two is already in the pipeline


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