Free Me

Free me from myself

If I am my own master

Am I not therefore my slave?

Self flagellation of the mind and soul

Inflicts wounds deeper than any blade

Could penetrate, flay martyred flesh

Torn by the lashings of mine own tongue.

I am my own worst enemy,

And rage against any solace

I might find in my solitude.



9 thoughts on “Free Me

  1. I was wondering where you’ve been. I love following blogs but miss the good ol’ days when there were only a few and those few were easy to follow. When I haven’t read someone in a while, I think something’s been posted and I’ve missed it because my Reader is too cluttered, but I wouldn’t want to give anyone up – there are too many interesting people… ah, a vicious circle. Glad to read you again.

    I’ve been my own worst enemy more times than I can count. When it comes to mastering, I discover there’s another part of it that needs work. Does that make me like one of those roads that never seems to get fixed? When will those caution signs be taken away?


    1. every thing has been very stressful not helped by WP messing up I a not getting any notifications of blogs I follow not everyone is getting mine fingers crossed I am now getting back into the swing am just having to hunt down blogs via comments and reader which is very frustrating


      1. Yes, it is. I thought it was me not being able to find an easy way to look up people when I want to drop in and see what’s been going on… WP doesn’t have an option. I go back through the conversation icon or my ‘following’ list.


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