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Saturday is Darcy Day

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Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to cram in all the things you intend to do.  Likewise there are too many things to watch, read and if your muse is in the mood write.  I have been promising myself I would watch these for ages in fact I am sure many of you reading this will be scratching your head asking ‘what took you so long.’

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries were an internet phenomenon when they exploded onto You Tube.  I have had them book marked to watch for months and failed to get round to it so I decided what better way than to virtually watch them with you guys I will post four each week starting today then give you my thoughts on them after so to start us off videos 1 – 4…

Okay I love the premise of this new take on Pride and Prejudice, losing the two sisters is not really such a big deal and I love the word play with Bing Lee.  I think in some ways it is true however talented or successful we may be (or not) in our own lives we are still judged to an extent by our marital status, especially by mums.  I would imagine it is true for men as well to a point after all I know plenty of mums who put pressure on their sons not usually to settle down but once they have found a girl then at least for them to provide grandchildren.

So not a great deal to say for these first ones from me other than how much I am looking forward to meeting Darcy.

What are you thoughts?  Do you like the idea of this as a blog post?  If enough of you are interested then I shall post episodes 5-8 next week and discuss

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