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Mysteries Resumed

195What seems like a life time ago I decided to read The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe, my lovely friend MsKatykins intended reading along with me but both of us got distracted by real life.  But from next Tuesday I intend to continue reading and posting my reflection as I go.  I am not going to set strict guidelines on how many chapters a week I will read this time, instead I will read it at my own pace and for pleasure rather than it feeling like a chore and then share my feelings on what I have read that week.  I am sure that will mean some weeks I will have read loads and be gushing about it and others will have struggled through a few pages and be ranting about the style.

If you would like to catch up on the reviews of the chapters we had read before to refresh your memories (I have and had a skim through the opening chapters) then click here for a quick link to the page containing the links for previous reviews.  I am hoping that my recent wanderings round the Abbey ruins in Whitby have fired up my taste for Gothic literature enough to get me through this in time to read Dracula for Halloween.

One thought on “Mysteries Resumed

  1. And will Halloween then see you paying a return visit to Whitby dressed suitable Goth? I have my frock coat and topper at the ready though they may not be Steampunk enough for today’s taste. xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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