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This weekend we took a day trip to Whitby the birthplace of Bram Stokers creation Dracula, or rather the home of the events which inspired the creation.  I had never been before infact it had been quite a while since I was headed to that coast and I had forgotten how much I love the countryside in that part of the country.  Heading their across the moors reminds me of my roots growing up in a country village but more than that the great expanses of open space remind me of true freedom and total immersion in nature.

But yesterday was also about having a good day and exploring somewhere new, we took the open bus tour round Whitby which was great as it allowed us to see a lot more in the few hours we had there than we would have found on foot, it also ensured we are confident that there will be more than enough to do for us to revisit for a longer period.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went up to the  ruined Abbey and looked round the church and graveyard next to it.  I loved the ruins but I will say if you are planning a visit that you should consider your visit, I had my daughter and the monster with me, it had started raining and the ruins are exposed to the elements, as my daughter was not really bothered about getting up close to the ruins she offered to stay outside with the monster while I went in and took some pictures.  The reason she waited outside?  At £6.40 for adults And around £5 for children and students it is an expensive choice for anyone who either has children who will not be kept interested by ruins or in our case who will not be happy standing out in the rain.  I was lucky my daughter is grown up and could wait with her brother but it is certainly something I will plan better for another visit.


I did have lots of fun as well snapping away with the camera, I know a lot of people don’t like Seagulls and I will admit that the are a little brash, loud and obnoxious but I think they are incredible, they have learnt to adapt and survive as human habitations take up more and more of the coast line.  They have learnt to survive when their natural habitat has been commandeered they have found new food sources and homes and if they steal the odd chip can we really complain when we sit eating their fish?


Whitby is one of the few laces where the two main industries of tourism and fishing still co exist side by side, evidence of the less glamorous side of life is apparent along the harbour, the rough working boats moored alongside sleek yachts and pleasure boats.

If you are interested in Ruins, Seagulls, boats or just Whitby in general click the Facebook button at the top of the page and it will take you over to my facebook page where you can see all the pictures from our trip, I will leave you with a picture of me and the monster out at sea on his first open air boat trip, he loved it a natural born sailor.


8 thoughts on “Whitby

  1. You’ve reminded me I want to visit that part of the country.I enjoyed my last Yorkshire visit to Bradford and Howarth as well as one of the castles. I found the people incredibly warm and the countryside breathtaking…..It’s not Wales of course but then where is??? lol
    xxx Huge Hugs Paula xxx


  2. Love Whitby – it’s my place of peace.
    Did you take the steam bus tour or was it a diesel bus?
    Don’t forget about the Dracula experience on the waterfront, or the Ghost Walks from the whale bone arch. Whitby is also regularly visited by Goths, culminating in a full Goth Weekend – the next one is the first weekend in November.
    Also, (Film fact.) Whitby was used to film Diagon Alley in the first two movies.


    1. we just jumped on the diesel bus but there is so much to do no way could we fit it all in I think I would really want to go back a few times maybe take the monster for a full regatta weekend but I would love to leave him at home and do a Goth weekend there and as you say be able to do the ghost walks etc not sure the 5 yr old would really get into it enough to ensure he behaved lol but either way will certainly be heading there again


  3. I went to Whitby for the first time two years ago and loved it, much nicer than most of our seaside resorts.


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