Inner Peace


It has been a while since I did an awards post but if I missed one you sent please don’t be upset I still have literally thousands of posts to catch up on that I will manage one day lol

The very talented Andrea Black has nominated me you can check out here blog and learn more about her with her acceptance post

The Rule Type Thingys

If You Were Nominated:

1. Display the logo on a post.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link to his/her site.

3. State seven (7) things about you.

4. Nominate fourteen (14) bloggers and inform them via comment in their blog. (Don’t stress about the number, quality > quantity (unless it’s the first draft of a MS, I suppose)

Okay the 7 things about me well you know lots but the place to really find out more is on my Facebook page as I have started scheduling a few daily posts to let people get to know me and what I like a little more but I shall share a few of those posts here and then if anyone really wants to know more feel free to use the button at the top of the page to pop over and visit

1)  3am Insomnia – I have suffered with severe back pain for the last 5 years though I am on the mend now but in the early hours I made friends all round the world so to make sure they get to see a post or two first I schedule a film clips for 3am – in the early hours the internet and your dvd collection become so important so here is one of my favourite clips

2)  Question of the Day – posted at 9am this is usually on a topic which ties in with that days blog post though not always the reason for it is I love to hear how other people see thing and compare them to my own views for example a question about time travel resulted in me wanting to go to ancient Egypt to see Cleopatra but one friend wanting to go back and save her grandmas life so she could introduce her to her grandchildren another wanted to jump forward to meet her grandchildren as her son is dragging his feet producing them lol. One question so many ways to see the world

3)  Coffee Cacophony – I love music and can frequently be found wandering round with ear phones in and tunes blasting (far too loud according to my daughter) when I first started posting this it was earlier in the day literally when I got back from the school run and sat down with my coffee and shared which ever the first song had been on my random playlist.  Now I post it at lunchtime but as that is also a coffee time I left the title alone

4)  Art Inspiration – as you know I like to scribble occasionally but what you might not know is I actually attended Art College for a time after school, sadly it wasn’t for me I just was not that talented but I was left with a love and appreciation for art so now I share a piece of art work I like at 6pm daily and on a Friday I try to choose one which will get people joining in a caption competition.  I do love the fact that once one person admits they like art you find more and more do I don’t understand why people feel they cannot admit to liking things like art and classical music without fear of judgement.


5)  What I read today – well basically this could be you lol I read so many blog posts a day and find so many that I would love to share but it would spam my news feed so at 9 pm each day I now share a post I have read – I will confess they may not always be read the day you publish them as always I am behind in my reading but determined one day to catch up some of you may notice that you get half a dozen likes on one day lol I had to cut back on the number I was attempting to get through each day but I now try to read each new week day post then catch up with weekend posts and the back log when and if I have spare time.

6)  Final Thought of the Day – I noticed a lot of people using quotes to fill in blog posts and really didn’t want to do that while there are many quotes whose thoughts and sentiments I shared I want the blog to be about my thoughts so having a quote scheduled to end each day on Facebook allows me to share words of wisdom I come across still without it taking a blog post to do it

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
Mark Twain

7)  I am no where near as organised as the first 6 things may suggest – my organisation comes from necessity and is something I constantly have to work at


I should now spend ages picking 14 people and notifying them but its the school holidays and I really don’t have time so this award goes to the first 14 people to hit the like button.  Please accept it and let me know a little more about you

2 thoughts on “Inner Peace

  1. A little insight into your friends is always nice. I’m so sorry to read No 1 about the back pain. I’m glad you’re on the mend. Without the computer that can be a very lonely time of the day. Remember you’re not alone and our best thoughts are with you.
    PS, Since I’m having so many wordpress problems it’s touch and go whether this loads. As the like button hasn’t loaded I’m making a leap of faith that I’m Number 15 and not taking this award. xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Sorry to hear about insomnia and back pain, often related to each other and what a better way to fight those moments than watching classical films?! Thanks for the likes on my blog.


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