Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 20: List 3 monuments you would like to see created


Day 20: List 3 monuments you would like to see created…

Oh my this is a tough one.  A monument is a very serious thing after all unless one creates it on the beach in sand it should stand for a very long time.  And who and why would I have a monument to? And where to put it, should I be practical or not?

First – Well it would have to be a giant Tardis built in honour of one of my favourite TV shows Doctor Who in the middle of London, despite recent claims that it is racist, sexist and lots of other -ists mainly made by people who have clearly never watched the show, Doctor who is all about inclusion.  It is a world of mystery, time travel and alien life forms.  Good and Bad are rarely clearly defined and even the most hated opponents can have you questioning the moral aspects of life.  One one level it is brilliant escapism but look deeper, peel away the layers and there is so much more to discover about the world and ourselves – I believe that is monument worthy.

Second – A giant Marilyn Monroe in the grate pose in the middle of Hollywood – a reminder to those who aspire to stardom that it is not all champagne and roses and that success can come at a price, but also to remind the actresses and wannabes that women are meant to have curves not starve themselves to stick insect proportions.

Finally  – a mini library to be built in every town and village in honour of all the great literature out there and to encourage sharing (anyone caught vandalising them should be placed in stocks and publicly humiliated for being ignorant.


1 thought on “Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 20: List 3 monuments you would like to see created

  1. And who could better those choices.?


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