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Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 12: List three memorable moments from childhood

Day 12: List three memorable moments from childhood

on the beach age 2
on the beach age 2

This is going to be hard as the memory isn’t what it was and what seems memorable to me may seem very mundane to the casual reader but none-the-less here we go…

1)  Day trips to the sea side with my grandparents in the back of grandads transit van.  Today health and safety regulations would put a stop to so much of what went on – no seatbelts just sat on the wheel arch in the back lol, buying live crabs from the boats as the pulled them up onto the beach at Redcar ahhh happy days.

2)  Smash Hits and singing in the playground – My friends here in the UK will know exactly what I mean when I talk about the wait each week for Smash Hits magazine to come out, the anticipation about which pictures would be in it to cut out and stick on walls or over books, then the devouring of song lyrics before singing away in the playground while attempting to create dance routines in a lunch hour, such innocence lol

3)  Has to be the furry friends who I loved so much – we always had guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and dogs, at one point I had chickens as well.  Sadly I cannot find any pictures of the pets I had back then but the one who holds a special place in my heart was a lurcher named Duchess, she was a mix of Greyhound, Whippet and Collie and was one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever owned,

7 thoughts on “Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 12: List three memorable moments from childhood

  1. The (adorable) pictures of ‘long ago’ must help your memory! I’ve actually used many childhood memory exercises in my creative writing classes – it’s amazing what crops up when we put pen to paper. Weird things come to mind, like for me, the snow/ice fort my brother and I made in the dead of winter when I was 8, and how much I hated the snowballs that he lashed at me, trying to keep me away from the fort once it was built! 🙂


  2. Lot more fun in those days before H&S: my parents had a van and I just had a little armchair in the back to sit in – not fixed down or anything, and my sister sat in her pushchair – I suppose that did have a break to stop it rolling about. Before that They had a motorbike and sidecar but apparantly it got too fraught trying to hold on to a toddler bent on escape (me) whilst nursing a baby!


    1. the irony is that statistically there were more accidents after seatbelts were introduced as people were not so careful driving believing that if the worst happened and they had a crash the seat belt was guaranteed to save them


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