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Hello I’m Back

Well my laptop is back and firmly ensconced upon the desk where it will now stay most of the time from tomorrow I hope to get back into something along the lines of normal blogging schedule and actually I have a few posts half created but abandoned due to the nightmare of only being able to read a few words at a time on the netbook screen lol.

On a more serious note though one is what may be classed as a bad review, I never normally publish bad reviews (though if I haven’t reviewed your book yet don’t worry my TBR is huge and it will probably just be trapped in the pile) but I have thought long and hard about this.  The book is written by a celebrity about something he is famous for yet I seriously doubt he has even seen the contents of this book and if he has then that only makes it all the worse, I really do normally believe if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all but I actually feel quite angry that people will be paying good money for this because of the author and the subject it is written regarding.  a second alternative is that I have another book by the same person awaiting reviewing which I did quite enjoy so I might review them in the same post to show the contrast between the two.

I will also have some photos to share with you showing what I have been up to during my forced absence. and next Sunday the 30h June I will be attending a Diamond League Athletics meeting through work where I will get to see some of our GB Olympics team and medalists I will try to take some pictures assuming they don’t run past me too quickly lol.

3 thoughts on “Hello I’m Back

  1. Paula, I think honest reviews are better than no reviews. Saying nothing only allows an author to believe they have done good work rather than improve their work in the future.

    Looking forward to pictures and nice to see you back.


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