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Another Quickie

I am trying to get into the swing though restricted by technology, working on proper posts is annoying given the tiny bit of screen I can see at any one time, so for the time being you will have to put up with these quick chatty posts.  We had a sad day last Friday when one of our Guinea Pigs Erica went across the rainbow bridge, she had collapsed on the Thursday and despite our best efforts passed on Friday, poor Buddy looks so lonely in his cage but after consultation with the pet shop they feel he will be better on his own rather than trying to introduce a new friend for him so for now he is getting extra snuggles until we decide what to do.

The lovely weather has disappeared behind a cloud bank that has lasted two days so far, what I have begun is my quest to get fitter and have started exercising daily, at the minute it is a couple of 5 minute bursts on the cross trainer but hopefully it will build up fairly quickly though of course I am taking care not to push my back too far too soon.  The long term aim is to be able to do a couple of 5k runs next year but at the minute the cross trainer is an impact free method of exercise far better while I am carrying so many extra pounds.  I didn’t get weighed before I started but will do so on Monday morning then start keeping track from there.  Wish me luck lol

3 thoughts on “Another Quickie

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Erica. We had a couple of hamsters, and it was traumatic when each of them passed.

    I just posted my own “wish me luck” post. I’ve decided to take some weight off and get in shape myself. I have to be careful where I walk because of my back, so I’m working out on an elliptical. It’s good enough for now. So … good luck to you, too, Paula.


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