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Give Away Draw Final Hours

I am missing you guys almost as much as I am missing the laptop which is not only my means of linking to you all but also had all my writing software on.  Am hoping it gets resolved soon before I do something drastic like spend extra money putting software on this stupid netbook which I am coming to loathe.  I know they must serve a purpose but right now struggling to think of anything this is useful for with its tiny screen and even tinier keyboard.  But enough grumpiness just want to remind you all there are 36 hours left on the give away, just visit my Face Book page click the giveaway button at the top of the page and get your entries in.

Fingers crossed for laptop news soon xxx


6 thoughts on “Give Away Draw Final Hours

  1. My fingers are crossed for you, Paula. I just about pull my hair out when my computer is being repaired. You’ll get through this! We’re all here for you! 😀


  2. My fingers and legs are crossed but I’m finding it hard to walk right now and there’s ice cream awaiting me at the end of the journey. I don’t think this was well planned out.


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