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Awards to Accept


As you can see I have been rather slack in accepting awards lately and I apologise whole-heartedly to every who has nominated me it really does still mean lots to me.  I have provided links at the top of this post to all those who nominated me please check out their blogs.  As I am so far behind I am going to cheat slightly by answering the questions provided by Jackie Dennis with her award nomination, I should explain that her blog is a family tree blog so the questions relate to that but as I have done some research into my own family tree it is something which fascinates me.

1. Why do you blog?

I started blogging as a way of practising my writing and getting feed back to help me improve but it is the wonderful people I have met through blogging that keep me coming back every day.

2. When do you blog, are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am actually a night owl but tend to write my blog on a morning for the next day (though it doesn’t always work out that way) then I can spend the rest of the day and evening getting stuck into writing and not have to worry about breaking off to write a blog post.

3. Who is your most interesting ancestor?

Hmm this is tough I would guess my Great Grandad Michael Acton as there seemed to be so much mystery around him which actually turned out to just be something tragic rather than bad

Memorial Victory medal

4. Have you learnt anything from looking back?

That very rarely do we know where we really come from,  I don’t mean just geographically but but that for every generation the choices they make changes who we will become, only a couple of generations ago half my family were Catholic if that had not changed then I might not be here.

5. Did your family move around a lot?

One side of the family were very much situated in one area but the rest moved around quite a lot a trait which continues to this day.


6. Have you always written?

Always but I never kept it when I was younger probably from fear of my sister finding it and using it to embarrass me with

7. Is it more about the writing, or the researching your family for you?

The two are separate, my blog is about writing and the family research is something personal that I have undertaken with other family members, but the writing bears extra poignancy when I consider a couple of generations ago family like my Great Great Grandma Annie Sophia in this picture could neither read nor write, her whole life was dedicated to working in a factory then bring up children and grandchildren.

great great grandma callis

8. Do you have a filing system?

Errrmmm does stuffing things n box files count as a filing system?????????

9. Is it just you doing this, or do you involve the family?

I have other family members from different sides of the family who are also looking into things we were all actually already doing it and only discovered the joint interest when I approached them for information

10. Have you found new family members you didn’t know about?

I have though not living ones but there were children who passed away whose names had never been mentioned again which seems really strange to us today.


I am not going to nominate people if you do not have either of the two awards I have features please accept it from me and answer the same questions that Jackie gave me I would love to know more about your experiences with your ancestors.


11. How far back have you gone?

In terms of knowing real information about people the mid 1800’s but I can trace back in terms of names and dates to 1596


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Paula. I’ve done a lot of family tree research in the past – I put a bit on an old website but most is just languishing in a file. perhasp I should start a family tree blog.


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