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Y is for Yachts


Time to squeeze in one of my missing three letters…

When I was little I was lucky that my grandparents lived on the Isle of Wight, now as I grew up I did get a little annoyed that my friends always went to different laces during school holidays whereas I always went there.  But overall I have very fond memories of my visits including watching the Yachts as the raced around the island I remember being convinced that there would be a collision between yachts and the hovercraft as it crossed between Portsmouth and Ryde.


I never actually got to be there for Cowes Week and the actual round the Island Race but during the summer there were always plenty of yachts to see and races to watch though of course being stationed further along the coast you never saw who won.



The yachts always spoke to me not only of luxury but of freedom, the chance for adventure and a little bit of danger.

imagesAnd sometimes that danger could get quite up close and personal

ROUND THE ISLAND RACE, ISLE OF WIGHT-UK . 3  June 2006but always the call of the open sea appealed.  I would love to board a boat and set sail to see the world but I also know that I would be terrible at the practical side but that does not stop the dreamer in me drifting on the tide.

5 thoughts on “Y is for Yachts

  1. My last name is Wight! I visited the island once… in August. But it was really cold and I didn’t get to see any sailboats. However, I felt the tug of history – I imagine my long ago ancestors came from this rocky island.


  2. Love the pictures! I grew up sailing in the lakes and the Puget Sound off Seattle. Racing as well as sailing for pleasure. Love the spinikers when the boats are all together catching the wind.


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